64. The Ball

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64. The Ball

I smoothened out my dresses velvety material looking at everyone who came.

"Rose?" A familiar voice said my name as I stood up turning around.

"Louis." I wrapped him in a hug.

"How are you? You look stunning." He gushed.

"Aw, thanks. But I'm great, how are you? Is Eleanor here?"

"Im really good. Ah, yes she's talking to some people over there." He pointed as I immediately saw her. She was incredibly breathtaking. She hasn't changed much since the last time I saw her. She was dressed in a black skater dress, like mine, but paired with jewelry, and a nice pair of shoes that I couldn't pull off.

"Where's Harry?" he asked me.

"Dancing." I pointed to him dancing with Cayla, his godchild. Cayla has this deep brown hair that looked so lovely on her. It rested on her shoulders as she danced in her light purple dress.

"Looks like you've got competition." Louis nudged my arm slightly.

I smiled lightly immediately looking at Jenna. She looked gorgeous tonight. She was wearing a deep green gown, making her orange hair look especially fiery.

"What are you looking at?" Louis followed my glance. He sighed heavily then looked back at me. "Jenna?"

"Oh, is that her name?" I lied acting as if I was confused.

"Rose, I know what happened." He whispered into my ear.

"She's so beautiful." I mumbled.

"Well thanks, wildflower, you're rather stunning yourself." Eleanor was all of a sudden in front of me.

"Eleanor." I engulfed her in a hug. She smelled fruity and sweet which matched her personality. She was so bubbly, she was easily a close friend of mine.

"How's my little wallflower been?" Eleanor has made it her duty to think of nicknames involving flowers to call me.

"I've been great, how's my little UNI student?" I mocked her slightly, actually, really proud of her incredible achievements academically.

"I'm just peachy, you smart ass!" She nudged me slightly.

We all, instantaneously, looked at harry; who was holding Cayla on his hip.

"Hello beautiful." Harry leaned forward pressing his lips to mine. I just stood there almost uninterested, although I thoroughly enjoyed the taste of his lips.

"Cayla my dear." I grabbed her, and held her on my hip. She cuddled into me. For some reason I felt very connected to Cayla. Her father has passed on as well, but I just love her in general. When me and Harry would babysit her, and she would have bad dreams, I would sing her Drops Of Jupiter by Train, and she would sing the parts she knew; and then she would fall asleep on my chest. At about 10.00 harry would come and join us. He would cuddle next to me, and we'd wake up, and make cool pancakes with awkward shapes and sing show tunes at the top of our lungs.

"Now that she's back in the atmosphere-" my attention was stolen by a certain little girl.

"With drops of Jupiter in her hair." I kissed her forehead and set her down. She scampered off as I looked up noticing Louis and Eleanor exchange a quick head nod and head off to the dance floor. Harry came closer putting his big hands on my hips holding me close.

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