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Kurapika's p.o.v

There she is. The love of my life walking down the aile in her Kurta bridal gown. One I had to make myself. (I don't know how to describe it so just imagine it.) When she finally reaches her spot in front of me the priest starts talking.

* small time skip brought to you by the fact I don't know everything the priest is suppose to say during a wedding.*

"Kurapika do you take Y/N to be your Lawfully wedded wife." The priest says.

"I do." I say.

"And do you Y/N take Kurapika to be your lawfully wedded husband."

"I do." She says.

"You may kiss the bride." The priest says.

I wrap my arms around her and give her passionate kiss that seemed to last forever.

*Time skip brought to you by the priests magical time skip powers. Wow priests are awesome.*

At the reception there was no father daughter or mother son dance since neither of us really had parents.

Gon and Killua chowed down free food and my bride had an eating contest with them. I guess you could say she came in a close third. Gon being second and Killua being first. I'm actually surprised there is still food to go around with them around.

When it was time to cut the cake Leorio started videotaping it. I'll let him embarrass me today.

My bride and I readied our slices of cake. I shoved mine in her mouth. One would think she would do the exact same,but my wife isn't like that. She ripped her slice in two and shoved them straight in my eyes.

"That was perfect!" I hear leorio say.

I couldn't agree with him more. This day is perfect.

(I know its short and not the best, but I really wanted to do a wedding.)

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