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"Glimmer," my mother says. "The guests are here."

"Okay, Mom." I say. To be honest, I really don't want to meet the guests. I mean, I know they're new to this town and Mom wants them to feel welcome and all, but I just don't want to meet them. "I'll be down in a minute." I slip on a pair of stilettos. I hate these things, they kill my feet, but Mom suggested that I wear them.

"Glimmer!" Mom shouts. At that time, I hear the doorbell.

"I'm coming!" I shout back, walking out of my room and to the stairs. "Mom," I say. "Are going to open the door, or leave them standing out in the cold?" I question her.

"Oh," she says. "Yeah." She reaches for the knob and turns it, opening the door, and revealing a family with a smiling mother, a father wearing a sincere look on his face, the cute boy with caramel colored hair I saw in the hall today, and a familiar, handsome face. "Hey, Guys," Mom says excitedly. "Come on in." She gestures for them to come in, which they do. "Here, let me take your coats." She says to them. "Here, I'll help you with that, Darling." She takes the boy with caramel colored hair's jacket.

I smile a bit as the family walks by me, all have smiling faces. Everyone but one. He's walking around, admiring the house with a face that looks like he's astonished. He looks at me and our eyes make contact with each other and I wave at him. "Hi," I mouth while still waving.

He smiles a shy, crooked smile and sends me a small wave then walks towards the dining room where everyone else is; I follow closely behind.

"I'm so excited that you guys are here!" Mom claps with joy lit up in her eyes. "Now, how about we all sit down while I bring out dinner, and then we could all introduce ourselves properly, okay?" She smiles and walks into the kitchen.

The rest of us sit down at the table, all looking at each other blankly; it makes me feel a little uncomfortable. I clear my throat. "So, Mr. and Mrs. Hadley, it's so wonderful to meet you and your sons." I say as soon as Mom bursts through the door with a big dish of lasagna and sets it on the table. She smiles, taking a seat in her usual seat at the end of the table.

"So," Mom starts. "Isn't this great?" She says, making us all nod a bit. "Enobaria, your family is just so beautiful."

Mrs. Hadley smiles at that. "Why, thank you, Cashmere." She says. "Your daughter is so gorgeous." Her words make me smile.

"Oh, thank you. Your sons are so handsome." Mom says. "Care to introduce them?"

Mrs. Hadley's smile grows wider. "This is Marvel," she points to the boy with caramel colored hair. "My oldest."

So, that's his name. I think, smiling to myself a bit

Mom nods a welcoming nod. "Nice to meet you, Marvel." She says.

"Nice to meet you too, Ma'am." Marvel says with a small smile.

"Oh, a gentleman too." Mom winks at me, smiling. I roll my eyes, knowing what she means. She ignores what I just did and looks at Cato, whom is sitting front of me. "And who's this fine fellow?" She winks at me again.

"That's Cato," Mrs. Hadley says, lying her hand on his shoulder. "My baby." She kisses his cheek, leaving a bright, red, lipstick stain on it. His face flushes red as he wipes it off with his napkin.

"It's nice to meet you, Sweetie." Mom says, holding her hand out to Cato to shake.

"You too, Mrs. Belcourt." Cato says as he pulls his hand back away. "You have a very, beautiful home."

Mom smiles. "Thank you, Dear." She says, scooping some lasagna onto her plate. "And call me Cashmere." She says. She looks at me. "This is Glimmer," she lies a hand on my shoulder. "My daughter."

"Nice to meet you, Glimmer." Marvel says, along with his mother, while I stare into his green eyes.

"Honey?" Mr. Hadley whispers to his wife.

"Hm?" She says, looking over at him and he sends her a crooked smile. "Oh!" She exclaims. "This is Brutus, my husband." She introduces him.

"How do you do?" He says, nodding and smiling at us.

"How do they do what?" Cato asks, looking up from his plate of food with his eyebrows raised.

"Cato," Mrs. Hadley says through her smiling teeth.

"Oh," he says, going back to eating. "Right. You mean- okay. Got it."

I snicker a tiny bit at his confusion. I don't blame him, I think to myself. I think the same thing when Mom says it.

"Glimmer?" Mom taps me on my shoulder.

"Yes, Ma'am?" I ask politely.

"I forgot to get drinks." She looks ashamed. "Do you mind going to get them, Sweetie?" She smiles at me.

I nod and get up from the table and walk into the kitchen. I go to the cupboard to get some glasses. "Need any help?" I hear a voice from behind, startling me and I jump, almost dropping the glasses in my hands. "Sorry!" He exclaims in a slight whisper. "I didn't mean to scare you."

I turn around and see Marvel propped up against a wall on the other side of the kitchen. "It's okay, you didn't know you would scare me." I tell him, smiling.

"Okay." He says, returning the smile as he walks over to me. "Here," he takes the two glasses from my hands. "Let me help you with those." His voice is smooth and calm, and his smile shows his perfect, white teeth. He's incredibly handsome.

My smile grows wider. "Thank you." I say softly.

"You're welcome," he sets the glasses on the counter. "So, what does your mother want you to fix to drink?"

"I have absolutely, no idea." I tell him.

"What does she usually drink when she has dinner guests?" His voice seems to be getting sweeter as he speaks.

I tap my chin. "She usually drinks champagne with the parents while their children and I drink water."

"Okay," he trails. "I'll fix them while you go and finish eating."

"Marvel, you don't have to- ." I start.

"No," he interrupts. "I want to." He says.

"Okay," I give him a quick kiss on the cheek. "I'll be in here if you need me." I tell him before walking out of the kitchen and to the dining room with a smile.

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