Sweet 16

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Glimmer's POV

Today is a very special day. It's Clove's Sweet 16! I want today to be perfect for her. Cato bursts through the door and plops down on the couch, propping his feet up on the arm. I narrow my eyes at him. "Excuse me?" I say harshly. "Did I say your feet could be on my couch? No. Get your feet off my couch. Were you raised in a barn?" I push his feet off the couch and plop down beside him.

"What's your problem?" He asks harshly.

"Me?" I ask sarcastically. "What problem? I don't have a problem. I'm just stressed about today."

"Why?" He laughs. "It's just Game Day."

I set my jaw. "It's Clove's birthday, and it has to be special!"

His eyes grow wide. "It's her birthday?"

"Yeah," I say sassily. "Her Sweet Sixteen... remember? Or can your pea-sized brain remember all the way back to yesterday?"

"Shit!" He says. "I forgot to get her a gift."

"You're so stupid," I say and hit the side of his head.

"I didn't mean to," he says.

"Okay, since I got her two, you can give her one."

"Thank you, Glimmer." He hugs me, making butterflies explode in my stomach.

"Yeah, yeah." I push him off of me, his scent and warmth still lingering. "Let's call the others so they can be here to surprise Clove."


Disaster! That's a word to describe the way the decorations are going. "Glimmer!" I hear. "How does this go?" "What does this do?" "Does the party start now?" I swear, if I hear one more question, I'm going to scream. If I hear my name one more time, it's being changed to Bob.

"Hey, Glimmer," Peeta says. That's it! My name's Bob! "Cake's here." Finnick carries it in. It's beautiful!

"Cake..." Cato whispers, staring at it.

"No!" I say. "No cake, till later."

He pouts and sits in a chair in the corner.

"Guys!" Finnick says. "She's coming!"

"Hide!" I hiss. Gale cuts off the lights. We run around in the dark and I trip and hit my head on a table. Oh, God, save me! I hear shuffling all through the living room and I know it can't be good because it sounds like everyone's tripping and balloons are popping. The door opens and the lights flip on, we jump up and see Clove and her mother standing in the doorway, smiles on their faces.

"Surprise!" We say.

"I am surprised," she says, walking to the destroyed cake.

"Oh, no!" I groan.

"Very surprised," she laughs, kissing Cato's cheek, which has cake on it. Then she gets her finger and wipes it off Finnick's nose and licks the icing off of it.

"It was meant to be better," I say.

"Are you kidding?" She says. "This is amazing!" She hugs me. "Thank you, Glimmer."

"You're welcome, Clove." I hug her back.

Maybe this disaster isn't actually a disaster after all, I think as I smile.

A/N: I know it's short and it sucks. I haven't updated in a while and I'm sorry but I had writer's block really bad so... again, I'm sorry. I know y'all was expecting it to be better.😔

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