Almost Fully Aware

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Cato smiles. "Seems easy enough," he shrugs his shoulders. "Marvel just has to keep his mouth closed, and not talk to me all evening."

"Fine by me," I say. "I hate talking to nerdy losers, anyway." I stick my tongue out at him.

He narrows his eyes. "It's geek, not nerd." His face fumes a bright shade of red. I love pissing him off.

"Nerd," I say.

"Geek," he looks like he's going to pounce on me and rip my eyes out, but he would never do that.

"Okay, Guys," Mom says, grabbing her purse. "That's enough." She links her arm with Brutus's. "We've got to go."

"Nerd," I mumble towards Cato.

"Jackass," he mumbles.

I smirk. "Mom!" I shout. "Cato cursed!" I say. I know I sound childish, but I love acting childish to annoy the shit out of my brother.

"That's another week," Mom says, beginning to open the door. If you're wondering why we take so long to leave, it's the blond kid's fault. It's always his fault.

"Mom,-" he begins to whine but Mom puts her hand over his mouth to cut him off.

"I don't want to hear another word come from your mouth, unless you're talked to." Mom says, mumbling in his ear. "Got it?" She asks, making him nod his head. She lets go of him and we all walk to the car. Before I open the door to the back, Cato gives me a death glare from the other side of the car.

I am almost fully aware that I'm going to get slaughtered. I think to myself.

My brother has many quirks, some good, some bad. It doesn't matter what kind of mood he's in, I always find a way to piss him off. My favorite time to make him angry is when he's happy.

When he's done glaring at me, we all finally decide to get in the car. "Hey, Mom?" I say.

"Yeah, Hon?" She says.

"It's hot in here." I say. "Can you turn up the air?"

"Sure, Sweetheart." She reaches over and turns the knob to turn up the air.

"Cato?" Brutus addresses the blond.

"Yeah, Dad?" Cato asks.

"Tell me again what happened in the hall today," he says, looking through the rear-view mirror.

"I was talking to Clove and- ," he starts.

"Who's Clove?" Mom asks.

"A girl at school." He says. "Anyway, I was talking to Clove at her locker and she got a little distracted and slammed her hair and my shirt in her locker door. By the time Finnick, one of the guys at school, got the locker unlocked, it was too late. The bell rung, Ms. Trinket caught us loitering in the hall, we got in trouble, got sent to the principle's office, and we got in trouble with Grandpa. End of story. Amen." He says.

"Well that sounded . . . interesting." Brutus says, still glaring in the rear-view.

"Yep," Cato nods.

"Son," Brutus trails. "I'm proud of you."

"What?" Mom says, looking genuinely shocked at the words that just left her husband's mouth.

"What?" I say, also genuinely shocked from his words.

"What?" Cato says, his eyes narrowed.

"Brutus," Mom says through her teeth.

"You finally decided to talk to a girl." Brutus says, looking genuinely happy.

Cato quirks an eyebrow then looks at me while I look back at him. "Um," Cato says. "Thanks, Dad."

"So, what's she like?" Brutus questions.

Cato shrugs his shoulders. "She's alright, I guess."

"That's great, Honey." Mom says. "Is she nice?"

Cato narrows his eyes a little. "I'm not really sure right now. It's kind of hard to determine someone's personality when you first meet them."

"Good point," Brutus nods his head.

"Right here, Babe." Mom points to a giant, brick house on the right.

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