Once upon a time...

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Once upon a time there was an Original vampire and a witch. They lived in the same kingdom and were madly in love. The witch was expecting a beautiful baby girl, she named her Charlotte.

The Original vampire was the King's brother and the witch was the best friend of the Queen. The King and Queen had a beautiful baby daughter named Hope.

The Original vampire and the witch married and soon after, their Princess was born. She was the vampire's salvation.

The King got together with Cami. The Queen however married the Alpha of her pack, Jackson, so there would be people to protect their precious Princess and her niece.

Years passed by and Davina grew up and married the King's other brother Kol.

Rebekah found her love in a cruel cruel world: the vampire Marcel.

Cami turned to be forever with her King.

The witch knew that one day her time would come, so she turned. The Princess saved her aunt with her blood and another hybrid was born.

Now blessed with the gift of immortality, Amelia and Elijah Mikaelson could be together for eternity.

And they lived happily ever after.

Always and Forever

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