Enter the Mist

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After breakfast, Gokudera and G. went back to the room with the Mosca to continue their competition to find clues on who built the machine and prove who the better right-hand man is. Yamamoto and Ugetsu stayed to clean up the table and wash the dishes. Lambo and Lampo went off to their rooms to continue being lazy. Ryohei and Knuckle went back outside for some training. Hibari and Alaude, who were the ones to leave first, went outside and walked off somewhere. No one asked where they were going- either because they didn't mind, or in the younger groups case, were too scared to. Lastly, there was Giotto and Tsuna. Giotto started heading over to his room.

"Unfortunately, I have paperwork to do." Giotto sighed He turned to look at Tsuna and said, "For now, there isn't much we can do about the Mosca and shadows. Until we get more information, we're just going to have to wait."

Tsuna nodded in agreement. He began hoping that Gokudera and G. would find something soon; he didn't like to wait around for the enemy to make their next move.

"You can look around the mansion if you want, but I wouldn't suggest leaving." Giotto added. 

"Alright." Tsuna replied as he watched Giotto leave to go to his room and work. Tsuna knew that the day would come when he was going to have stacks of papers piled up on a desk in his room and he would have to sit there all day writing. He shivered at the thought and hoped that that day would not be any time soon. 

Tsuna began walking around in the mansion and looking at all the rooms. Upstairs were the bedrooms along with a few small extra rooms. Downstairs had the large room that people first see when they enter the mansion, the large dining room, kitchen, living room, a study room, the extra room where the Mosca was currently being held, a room that looked like a conference room, and after a while Tsuna stopped listing the rooms. He went outside to the garden and sat down on a bench that was there. It was a large garden decorated with colorful flowers and it felt peaceful. There was a little stream of water flowing into a pond and a soft fragrance floated in the air. After a few minutes of relaxing, Tsuna got up and started walking around the mansion. He made it the the front yard and stopped. He wasn't going to leave, as Giotto said, and looked up at the sky. He didn't want to leave either, this place was new to him, and if he left he would just get lost. Not to mention that there are shadows and Mosca's running around, it would be dangerous to go alone. Ryohei and Hibari both had one of Primo's Guardians with them, so Tsuna knew that they would be safe. Then, as Tsuna was thinking, he began to have an uncomfortable feeling and was getting anxious. He looked around at the spread of trees that began the forest and took a few steps back. Something didn't feel right. He turned around and heading back into the mansion. Once inside, he looked around and heard shuffling sounds coming from the Mosca room. He walked over to the room and peeked his head inside.

"What the hell is this thing?" G. grumbled as he pulled out an odd metal box from the Mosca. He popped the top off of the box and looked at the wires and metal parts configured in the box. Gokudera looked up at the box and noticed a small light flashing on and off.

"Let me see that." He said and took the box, getting a closer look at it.

"This... this is!" He gasped. 

"What, say it already!" G. exclaimed.

"This is... a tracking device!" Gokudera finished.

Tsuna's eyes widened when he heard this, and the uncomfortable feeling got worse. Just then, footsteps were heard as Giotto came quickly down the stairs. He had a serious expression as he came down and noticed Tsuna peeking at the door.

"Something is not right." Giotto said as he approached Tsuna.

"Hyper Intuition..." Tsuna mummbled softly. Giotto heard this and nodded.

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