Chapter One

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Riley Jones Intro :

Riley Jones moved to New York with her best friends Mary and Laura from England. When they moved to New York they all joined a dance crew for fun.

When Riley was younger she was bullied and because of that she sufferers depression and has overcome her battles with eating disorders and self halm.

With the help of her two best friends and others around her Riley begins to see a new path in her life.


Riley's POV:

Running at an easy, steady pace I take in the the appearance of the large buildings that seemed to reach for the sky. It was as if they were trying out do each neighbouring building on a quest to grasp the sun.

This was usual routine of mine since moving here to New York.

Running is something that helps clear my mind. I feel like by entering the bustling streets of New York the busy scenes surrounding me distracts the rampaging voices that scramble round my mind that seek to be acted upon.

The admiration for the scenery was cut short when I suddenly had the urge to pee.

Slowing my steps into one of walking pace I take a sip of the cool, clear liquid to quench the thirst that gripped my throat as my eyes scanned for a close by building that allow me access.

Approaching a random company that was close by I entered into the refreshingly cooled building I make my way towards the front desk. "Excuse me, would it be okay if i used the restroom?" I aks coming face to face  with a women who was clicking away at her keyboard at an unimaginable fast rate.

Momentarily taking her dull green of the bright screen of the monitor she gives me a smile. "Of course! If you go down that corridor on the left side you will see a label on the third door down showing the female toilets" she replied enthusiastically with an even brighter smile that seemed to etch it's way onto her face.

Giving her a smile in response I continue my quest of going toilet.

After relieving my self of my needs and washing my hands I exited the bathroom in probably most ungraceful manner I could of.

Tripping over my feet nearly and most definitely damaging the tiled wall behind the door from practically throwing the door open I finally enter the quiet corridor once again.

My efforts of leaving the building quickly were cut short as the sound of a babies laughter rang through my ears causing me halt in my place.

My eyes scanned the corridor in confusion.


Silence filled the air in a thick layer in a deafening manner.

Thinking that it was my mind was simply playing tricks on me I urge my self to step forward which earned me the laughter in responce.

Looking around my eyes land of the figures of three young toddlers sat by a door close to where i just came from.

Cautiously I make my way towards them. Crouching down closer to their level I give them a small smile which earned me three large smiles in return. Spotting no adults around I decide to take them to the front desk to find their parents.

After a long unwanted struggle which nocked the air out of me, I managed to pick up all three of them as none of them seemed to want to walk.

Taking in the front desk I noticed the woman I spoke to before had been replaced by another brunette who was scrolling through her phone.

"Excuse me but would you be able to put out an email to everyone asking if they are missing their kids or even a phone call" I ask   once in ear range of the women. "Sure" was her simple reply.

Without a single glance in my direction she turned towards her computer to make announcement.

Not even five seconds after she had hit send had she recieved a call about the kids that were currently facinated by the curly strands of hair that had managed to escape my bun.

I was later informed that someone would come and bring me upstairs to deliver the adorable kids that were squishing parts of my face between their hands giggling to themselves.

After what had felt like eternity a young man had come down and escorted me towards a elevator that wad separated from the other and led me to the 45th floor.

My now shaking arms no longer wanted to withstand the weight of the three toddlers. Easing my way down into a crouching position I try to place them on the floor. Unfortunately the two identical boys only strengthened their steel grips around my neck as the younger female version of the two slowly slipped out of my grasp and held onto to shorts instead.

Releasing a relieved breath from the change of weight on my arms I resumed my standing position next to the man who refused to speak upon entering the enclosed space.

As each second seemed to drag on more than the other the closer and closer the little girl got to my leg before she wad practiaclly hugging it.

The sound of the doors opening brought me back to reality as both of the boys snuggled deeper into my neck causing me to stand straighter.

Escaping the enclosed trap that people called an elevator seemed more difficult then it needed to be as the girl was wrapped around my leg embracing it still as i tried walking.

Entering now a new corridor I manovered my way around a corner the best I would with three kids cling to be like a climbing frame before coming face to face with a man with slick brown hair  and piercing grey eyes , high cheekbones and a well defined jaw line that was covered with hair that stood in contrast to  tanned skin.

Even from far away you could tell his dominating figure would loom over my 5ft 6 hight.

The clear look of stress and horror that graced his face made it very clear that these clingy kids were his.


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The guy at the top is Kyle aka the triplets dad.


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