In Love With A Thug

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22 Year Old Quentin Is a natural Thug. His motto is Fuck Love. He would do anything for money... Kill 🔫, Steal and Sell Drugs 🚬. And that's just what he does. When he sees something he wants he gets it. What happens when he comes across Tyla Monroe... Will he give up on his motto or will he be blinded by the drug game.

Tyla Monroe is a cute girl with a big personality💄. This 20 year old has been through some tough shit. When her Ex kicks her out after finding out she was pregnant she has no where to go. Family too far away to help! What happens when she crosses paths with the Notorious Drug Lord Quinn? Will he help her or will she have to strive to survive 💵.


Never Forget Where You Came From!!! 💋

~Mickey 💎

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