Chapter 6

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It was too late.

Loki had already turned her into a ice figure.Thor grabbed Loki and shoved him away.

"What is your problem?" Thor growls.

"She's not dead," Loki speaks impassively.

Thor turns around and gets ready to break the ice.

"You will kill her if you do that," Loki warns.

Thor faces Loki and says, "She's just learning, Loki. You dont have to treat-"

"Uhh, guys?" Jane says.

Thor and Loki look.

Slowly, the ice surrounding Zania began to melt.

Then with a gigantic noise, the ice bursts, sending Thor and Loki flying back.

Zania's eyes glowed bright hazel, almost firey.

Thor and Loki lean up, seeing her.

Then brush fire surrounded Loki, in one circle.

Loki looked around, a bit frightened.

Zania walks to him, walking through the fire.

She flicks her hand, and a big fire sphere came in her hand.

She looked as if she was ready kill him.

Before she can light him up, Thor yells, "Zania!"

She looks at him, and suddenly all the fires disappear.

She looked back at Loki. Her eyes returned to her natural state.

Zania looked a bit confused and frightened of what just happen.

Then she just runs out.

Loki slowly exhales and stands up.

Thor looks after her.

"I'm not sure what just happened," Thor spoke.

"Neither I," Loki admitted.

"I'm just amazed," Jane spoke, "she made both of you look like offense."

[ In the Evening... ]

"Jane, did you find her?" asked Thor.

"Yeah, she's over there," Jane answered.

She pointed towards a pond bridge.

Zania was standing in it, looking down at the water.

Thor looked at Jane.

"You should talk to her," he says.

Jane narrows her brows and scoffs.

"Talk? To her? I don't think she even likes me-"

"What's there not to like?"

"I'm a 'mortal'."

Thor grabs her hand.

"You and her are both women. She'd be needing someone to talk to," Thor says.

Jane looks at Zania and back at Thor.

"Okay," she answers. Thor kisses her once.

Jane walked up to Zania. When she reached her, Jane nervously said, "Hi."

No answer. Jane goes next to her.

"Are you okay?" she wonders.

"I could've killed him. But luckily Thor stopped me," Zania said.

"I don't think you meant trying to kill him."

"I was just tired of the way he treated me."

"Well, that's just Loki."

Zania looks at her.

"What are you meaning?" Zania asked.

"You haven't heard of what happened when he came to, uh, Earth?"

Zania shook her head and replied, "I've heard of him but not about him."

"Well, Loki came to Earth. He tried to destory a place called New York. But luckily the Avengers stopped him-"


"Oh, right. The Avengers are a group of super heroes. There was Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye-"

"Strange names."

"And there was Thor."

Zania raised her brow. "Thor also?"

Jane nodded and said, "Thor had to stop Loki. Loki was, or is, only like that because of his knowing of his true parents."

That part Zania knew. She knew Loki was Laufey's son.

"So, how did Thor come to find you?" Zania asked.

Jane laughed and spoke, "I met him before the entire New York thing. I, uh, hit him with my automobile."

Zania laughed and said, "Funny how mortals do things."

Jane laughed also.

Zania half smiled at Jane.

"You are a beautiful human for being a mortal. Or well, the ONLY mortal I've seen," Zania said.

Jane's cheeks redden from the compliment.

"Thanks," Jane says, "Though I think you're much more better looking than I am."

"Because I am a Faddist?"

"Probably so. Are all Faddist pretty looking?"

"I guess. I don't pay much attention."

They both laughed, bonding a close relationship.

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