Cold Winter Air

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I wish for you to come save me

I want for you care

I wait for you to see me

For this loneliness I cannot bare

So many wrong turns in so many places

Seeing the look of disdain in so many faces

Always asking the wrong questions

To people not having enough patience

Your many tricks and not answering my whys

So tired of your laters and so many lies

Hatred drips in your violent words

Filled with harsh blows that nobody knows

Silence beckons me forward in many ways

So my mind in me gently sways

Back and forth feeling empty and hollow

Not wanting to be here, looking forward to tomorrow

All my life wanting to feel loved or cherished

But what I received was hatred or being embarrassed

I wish it all to be a dreaded dream

But soon realize the truth, unseen

The color is beautiful as I watch it flow

Out of my scared veins that already know

The flow seems wild but there is only one way out

Your name on my lips, I want to shout

Feeling weak and wanting it to end

For everything I did I never had a friend

Waiting to see what this outcome will be

I realize something must be wrong with me

I wish for you to come save me

I want for you to care

I wait for you to see me

In this cold winter air

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