Mindless Behavior Love Story

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Natalyah and her friends, Reginae, Tarah, and Aliyah are BFFs. They are on tour with MB and its been 2 weeks without crazy fans or death treats. Lets see how long this last. Everyones realationships are great but will that last too? lets just wait and see.

Prodigy: so what yall wanna do? its only 3:30

Tarah: idk.... watch a movie?

Prod: okay wut movie?

Reginae: ooo! Transformers!?

Aliyah: saw it.

Natalyah: saw it too.

Prince: yea.. i saw it t-

Reginae: OKAY! i get it you all saw the damn movie. -__-

Roc: wait... you nvr seen it?

Reginae: nope i nvr saw the new one!

Ray: its okay baby. i'll take you to see it tomorrow.

Reginae: thank you! (kisses him)

Roc: lets watch sum super 8!

Everyone: okay!

(They sit on the sofa and watch Super 8)

Natalyah: tht was actrually really good!

Prince: yea

Tarah: how old were those kids? 12... 13?

Rehinae: idk but dey needa get a beatin! in dere cuzzin like they grown. they betta sit dey asses down!

Everyone: O.O

Aliyah: you just cursed.... and ur 13.

Reginae: wut ever!

Prince: okay so now wut. its only... 6;30

Ray: you and prod are lik human clocks eh?

Natalyah: ahaha! leave them alone. it helps :)


Roc: YES!

Reginae: hell no.


Aliyah: YES!

Reginae: Hell to the muthaf*ckin no!

Prince: why do you and aliyah always wanna do stuff that can kill us!?

Aliyah: you guys r jus boring!

Roc: yea thts why i love aliyah. she not so girly. (kisses her)

Aliyah: (giggles) i love you to :D

Tarah: wut does it hav to do with girl. mabey we just dont wanna do tht dangerous crap.

Natyalah: okay okay. howa bout the water park?

Everyone: YAY!

(they get ready and zues drives them to the water park)

Roc: common aliyah. we gonna go on the huge slides! (grabs her hand)

Aliyah: okay!

Princeton: where u wanna go tally?

Natalyah: um. the tubes?

Princeton: okay lets go!

Reginae: damn. look at all these lil kids!

Ray: we can go on the deep side.

Reginae: but u kno we too short and we might drown!

Ray: common! we aint th shot. (jumps into the deep side then pops back up) JUMP IN GIRL!