The Girl Next Door (My Babysitter's A Vampire Fan Fiction)

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Hi, this is my newest Fan Fiction only some characters  are mine like: Rose, Crystal, Ryder, Jace, Mr. Mitchel (Rose's dad) and Mr. and Mrs. Lake (Crystal's parents). Oh, and this story starts after the episode "Smells like trouble"

Chapter 1

Rose's POV

8:00 A.M.

"Why do we have to move?" I asked, My dad asked "do you remeber when your uncle and cousin used to live here?" I said "yes" he said "well, he's my only sibling alive and we wanted to live near each other so that you and Ryder have a strong relationship with your cousin. So now we are moving in with them."

I noddded and said "he (my cousin) better have a hot friend" my dad laughed and said "or even better if he's friend was your mate" I said "whatever, I don't need to find my mate. I'm still young" he said "yeah, but you know what they say 'the sooner the better' " I chuckled and said "I better start packing" he nodded and left. I took a suitcase from under my bed and started packing my things.

*An hour and a half later*

I finally finished packing, there was a knock on the door I said "come in" and in came non other than my boyfriend, I said "hi Jace" he said "hey, Ro" I asked "what are you doing here?" he said "my dad owns a moving buisness, remeber?" I said "right" he said "besides, can't I come to say goodbye to my girl?" I smiled, got up and kissed him, he looked a little shocked at first but then kissed me back. Someone said "enough PDA love birds" I laughed and Jace smirked, he put an arm around my waist and said "I don't think that was enough"  and kissed me again.

I asked "Jace aren't you gonna take my things outside?" he said "sure" and started taking my desk outside I went outside and next door. I rang the doorbell and Mrs. Lake opened the door, I said "hi Mrs. Lake,  is Crystal done packing?" she said "yes, we just need the movers to come for her things" I nodded, she said "Come in" I thanked her and went upstairs and saw Brad (Crystal's 11 year brother). He said "'sup babe" I chuckled and said "your too cute for your own good" and ruffled his hair.

I continued walking and got to her room, I said "hey, Crys" she said "hey, I'm almost done packing" I sat on a chair and said "it's okay" she asked "so what are you gonna do about it?" I acted like I didn't knew what she was talking about and asked "about what?" she said "don't play dumb with me, about you and Jace" I sighed and said "I don't know, I mean I won't see him that often and he promised to go atleast twice  a week" she said "you two loook cute together" I said "thanks, but I'm thinking of breaking up with him" she said "but, why?" I said "I mean we've have good moments, but if we're gonna live far from each. We should break up, I mean it's not like his my mate".

She asked "you know what would be awesome?" I asked "what?" she said "if your cousin was your mate and his best friend was yours" we looked at each other and exploded in laughter,  I said "yeah" laugh "like" laugh "that's" laugh "gonna" laugh "happen", she said "I" laugh "know" laugh "right" we kept laughing for like 5 minutes straight. She said "but, still it would be pretty awesome" I said "I know, but I doubt that's gonna happen".

She said "alright I'm done packing" I said "I'll go tell the movers to come for your stuf" she said "I'll come with you" we went downstairs and saw Mrs. Lake in the kitchen, she asked "are you already leaving?" Crys said "no, we're just gonna tell the movers to come for my stuff" she said "okay". We went outside, to my house and to my room. Crystal said "Jace my things are ready" Jace said "could you please go tell the other movers?" Crystal nodded and left.

I said "so..." he said "I know what you're thinking" I said "what do you mean?" he said "I know you want to break up. And I think the same" I said "I don't want to, I just think it's for the best" he said "I know" I said "so we should break up?" he said "yeah" I said "but, just promise me one thing" he asked "what?" I said "that we will still be friends" he smiled and said "promise" I said "oh, and that you will still go visit" he said "of course I will, we're still a pack"

*A couple of hours later*

"we're finally here" I said excited, My dad opened the door for us, I jumped out the van with Ryder behind me and Crys behind him all in wolf form. I was barking happily while running on the lawn. When I caught the most intoxicacting smell, I turned my head facing next door and realized that it came from there.

Crystal's POV

"We're finnaly here" said Rose, we all jumped out the van in wolf form. I was sniffing the lawn and followed Rose to see what she was looking at, when I caught the best smell in the world coming from next door. I think Rose can smell it too -Rose can you smell that?- I tought to her, -yes- she tought back. "Ro, Crys" I heard someone yell, I sighed and went into the house with Rose trailing slightly behind me.

I want to say some things.

I'm glad to say I wrote the first fan fition of My baysitter's a Vampire in wattpad.

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The next chapter will be in Benny's and Ethan's POV

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