A blonde head buried itself into the blankets of the king sized just as Harry poked his head into the door. "Niall? Baby, are you feelin' better?"

Two blue eyes peeked over the top of the blanket and nodded. That had been to close. Harry had almost caught him in the act. The act of lying, that is. Niall pushed the blanket up with a dramatic groan. "Harreh...." Just before his boyfriend had come in, he had been jumping around and running from the bed to their bathroom so he could keep his temperature up.

Harry's face was bright with worry. Niall had never gotten sick out of nowhere like this. "I heard noises... I wantedto come check on you..." From the couh below, it had sounded like an earthquake was coming from upstairs.

".....I didn't hear anything....?" A stirring from the cover revealed a boxer-clad Niall with pink cheeks and messy hair. He twitched his nose and gestured for Harry to come sit by him.

"Liam just called", Harry started before he sat down. In his hands, he held a glass of iced water and two tylenol. "These are for you, by the way.."

Niall blinked before crawling across the small space between them and into Harry's lap. "What did he say?" One pale hand took the water and the pills. He shoved them under his tongue to spit out later before taking a swig of water.

"Everythings settled with Jamie", he continued and put an arm him," Dr. Adams had an appointment set up for her, Lou and Z in two days to begin. He said it was a shame that we didn't come..."

"And why is that?" Niall gave a small cough for effect and snuggled his face into the crook of Harry's neck.

A grin came to Harry's face. "Zayn had a spaz attack and dumped poor Louis right into the floor!" He could just imagine it... Zayn pitching a hissy fit, throwing his husband to the ground and stomping around like a girl who's father had just taken her phone away.

Niall giggled and let his cold hands slide up around Harry's waist so he was holding him. "Poor Louis... So Jamie is the one, yeah..?"

"Seem's like it..", Harry nodded. "She's the only one Liam actually liked, so she has to be a good one. He said she was just as sassy and bossy and Louis, with hair and skin like Zayn's. She was perfect", he smiled.

"Well i'm happy for them." The tightness in Niall's voice was evident and Harry had heard.


"Stomach pain...", he grumbled and nestled closer to Harry. There was no way he could tell him the truth. How was he supposed to tell Harry that he, a twenty year old man, was jealous of one of his best mates?

Niall was as healthy as a horse. The simple fact of the matter was that he envied Louis and Zayn. He envied what they had, the love they shared. Why couldn't he have that? Why couldn't there be a gold ring on his finger and a husband that was so excited to start a family? It wasn't fair.

Harry seemed to have no interest at all in settling down. It was like he was a pimp, and Niall was just one of his whore's. Sometimes it felt like if Niall flat out told Harry he was leaving him, the curly haired man wouldn't even care. Thats what it seemed like, anyways.

"I'm sorry love..", Harry murmured and pressed a soft kiss into that mint scented blonde hair. "Why don't you come downstairs and try to eat? I'll make you something."

A sigh almost left the man's lips. All he wanted to do was lay up here and sulk, curled up with Harry's pillow. "I will if you carry me.." He looked up and smiled at Harry.

No sooner than the words left his lips, two strong arms had scooped him up and took off downstairs. Niall found it incredibly hard to stay irritated, especially when he had Harry. Sure, he wasn't as affectionate as he had been when they first got together, but it was just nice to have Harry being a big teddy bear for once.

A blanket was on the couch when Harry dropped the one in his arms onto the soft cushions. "What do you think you can eat?" He ran his hand along Niall's forehead, pushing his hair back and feeling how warm he was. It was strange- Niall wasn't hot at all. He felt fine.

"Um.... Soup? Chicken soup? You make it really good...." Niall bit his lip and leaned into Harry's touch.

Hazel eyes softened and he ruffled Niall's hair gently. "You got it..." A smile was on his face when he disapearred into the kitchen.

In a way, he felt bad for lying. Niall never said one thing out of the way to Harry and if he found out Niall was just being dramatic, it would disgust him. Noises sounded from Harry and a loud clatter followed by an even louder 'DAMMIT' brought a smile to Niall's face.

It had been a task feigning being sick all day, considering Niall was a terrible liar, but his boyfriend seemed convinced. He brought his legs up onto the couch with him just as Harry returned with a steaming bowl of soup.

"Here", he smiled and settled down next to Niall so he could lean on him and eat.

At the smell of the food, Niall's mouth watered. He actually was hungry. "Thank you..", he smiled and took the bowl. He leaned against Harry and felt that same arm curl around him.

Criminal Minds flickered on the tv while they sat there. Occassionaly Harry would steal a glance at Niall wolfing down the food and it would just make him smile. The way the lad ate, dropping crumbs and somehow getting food on his cheek was one of the first things that had attracted him to Niall. Besides that messy hair and firm little butt he had.

He was pulled from his thoughts when the warmth from his arm shifted. Niall had sat the empty soup bowl on the coffee table and was now curling down against Harry.

"Tired, Niall?"

"Mm... Mhmm...", his soft reply came.

Harry smiled again. Whenever Niall got his belly full, he had to have a nap. "We can lay here..." He move until his back was flat on the couch and his head propped in the arm, with Niall stretched out on top of him. It was the way they always laid on the couch together.

Niall made himself comfortable- he prodded Harry's chest and moved his shirt around, eventually he just pulled it off and tossed it to the floor. He pushed one Harry's legs up so it was bent and he relaxed down.

"Better now?"

A head nodded on his chest, blonde strands tickling his nose. Niall had covered them with the blanket, shielding there bodies from the ceiling fan above. Within moments, a soft snore came from him.

Harry found it amazing how quickly Niall fell asleep. It seemed the only time the man wouldn't sleep was when he was excited, eating or trying to get Harry to have sex after a long day of work. His fingers were tangled in Niall's hair and his eyes were glued to the tv when Niall started talking.

"Mm... Har-har-rehh...."

"Niall..?" He tore his attention from the tv to look down. Niall was fast asleep, a small puddle of drool of Harry's peck.

"Harreh...." Small, pale fingers clawed at Harry's bare chest. Niall squirmed and made a soft noise in the back of his throat. "Harry... Do-don't....stop...."

"Huh? Stop what?" His looked down at his sleeping boyfriend in confusion. What the hell was Niall talking about? "Niall, i'm not doing anything.."

"Ohh..mygod...." The irish man stirred again, this time rolling onto his back until Harry was like his own little bed.

It was then that Harry realized what was going on. Head still on the arm of the couch, he had a clear view of Niall's body. The evening sunlight streaming in through the window made the faint sheen of sweat on his body glow.

"Oho.. I see whats going on here...", Harry grinned. The front of Niall's boxers was evidence enough. He decided to have a little fun.

"Nialler....", he whispered close to his ear and left a few hot, open-mouthed kisses across his neck. It made his boyfriend squirm even more. Niall's fingers pulled feebly at the hem of his boxers.

"Mm.. Harry..", he whimpered when he felt a familiar hand glide around his waist. Still sleeping, Niall squirmed and fumbled around for Harry's hand.

"This is gonna be fun....", Harry grinned. What better way to wake Niall up than with a pair of warm, wet boxers?

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