Quick author's note–The beginning chapters of this story aren't the best, but please bear with them. I promise you as you get deeper into he story, the story gets better and my writing gets better.

Tris POV

Whoosh. That's the sound of the wind. Rushing threw my golden blonde hair. I'm at the top of the summit, about to go down. Snowboarding is my passion. I love the nervous, buzz feeling I get everytime I'm about to go down. I feel the wind tearing threw the fabric of my clothing. Making my blue grey eyes feel watery. I feel the excitment and rush of adrenaline I get when I do this. It's amazing, I love this feeling. It's thrilling and awakens me.

I look out at the scenery in front of me. The sun shines bright on the landscape of fresh green tress and the white, plush snow in front of me. I push off and glide free, like a bird, down the summit. The wind pushing through me, the adrenaline coarsing through my veins. This feeling is exhilerating. I curve around a few pine trees and come up to a slope. I go faster and faster. Then, I go up the small slope, doing a full three-sixty spin, in mid air. I then come down and board the rest of the way to the lodge.

My name is Beatrice Prior, or Tris. As all my friends prefer. My family owns a ski lodge called, Chicago Summit. My father, Andrew Prior, planned to build the whole entire ski lodge with his Architect. He runs everything and is the, 'Big boss man'. He pays all the finances and taxes and all that. My mother, Natalie Prior, is the designer of all things snowboarding. Well, all the snowboarding outfits. She desings and creates them while my brother Caleb and I model them, invoulentarily. She even owns a little shop inside the ski lodge called Dauntless gear. We have quite a bit of money, but I don't dare to ever flaunt it. I am very modest and don't like to be popular just because of my money.

After I get back to the lodge, I go toward my family's cabin and head to my room. My room is quite large. It has a queen sized bed, on the left wall right when you walk in, with a soft silky purple comforter and white sheets, with a black bed post. I have a giant fuzzy purple rug on top of the hard wood flooring. A black dresser to the right, as you walk in, with a black vanity on the opposite wall, with a small black bar stool with a purple seat cover. There is a big 42in flat screen TV on the opposite wall to my bed as well.

I also have white curtains on edge of the windows, that are also on the opposite wall to my bed, that walk out to my peaceful balcony. I have a nice black porch swing out here along with a small table, a fern, a small coverd up book shelf, and a guitar stand for my acoustic which is next to my dresser. I like to come out here and read or play my guitar a bit. Its very serene and peaceful, so it always relaxes me to come out here.

Its been a very long day of snowboarding and the sun has already set about two hours ago now. Time seems to fly when your thinking while reading a book.

I go over to my dresser and get my Pj's on. A white t-shirt with grey sweat pants and go to sleep. Thinking of what tomorrow will bring me.

~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~
Okay so this is my first fanfic I've written and I had this idea in my head so I thought it was pretty cool. Sorry for typos! Please comment! Thanks! :)


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