Chapter 1

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Waking up to a new day, brings out the negative in me. Seeing the brightness fill my room makes me remain in the darkness. I'm not a typical girl who was always the center of attention. I'm not a typical girl who would get excited over some outfit I'm wearing today. I'm not someone who would be all flirty when a guy coming my way. I'm just someone who is not really expressive. There was a knocking on my door, as I tried to cover myself with my blankets. My mom would be the one to disturb me. As she's outside my room, I could hear her say, " Julie get up, your going to be late for school." I buried myself with more blankets to block the sunlight, but once my older brother Matt unlock my door, there was no turning back for me. On the way to school, I would listen to my iPod extremely loud so I wouldn't hear my mom talk to Matt about how amazing his college life would be like in a couple of days. As for me, I'm just starting my senior year in highschool. My mom makes a complete stop as I complain to get off the car. Matt had to pull me out as I hold on to the car door. The whole school was watching me as I struggle of letting go of the car, but I did either way as my mom and older brother left quickly. The annoying school bells start to ring as the entire body of douche bags ran inside. This had to be the worst place to be at. I really don't belong to a place where I have no friends, where everyone in this entire school are filled with cliques and jerks, and most importantly, when all the teachers compare me to my brother. That's just the cherry on top of an ice cream of poison. I know for a darn good sake that there is no one who can change me. No one in this damn school who can tell me what's the mraning of life. I just feel like, if I never existed, this whole world would be better, but I'm here anyways breathing in the polluted air in my lungs. As I'm putting my notebooks in my locket, the plastic cheerleaders came up to me. Their leader Amanda Princeton had a cup of mocha latte and she would be the one to throw it at me. Amanda said, "Oops, didn't see you, I thought you were a trash cam since you smell like one." Her clan started laughing at me. Amanda was the typical girl that loves the center of attention. She is just another blonde chick with light brown highlights and like all blonde girls, she had light crystal blue eyes that all the guys at school would be hypnotize by just one stare in them. Her clan included her three best friends Alexandra, Aileen, and Ashley and like all cheerleaders, their best friends would be the ones with the same first letter. As for me, well I just wear my usual clothes such as a pair of jeans, a white T-shirt and a beanie. My hair would always be hidden with my beanie. I would never like my hair be filled and sprayed with beauty products. That just makes tge ozone layer worst, but hey I'm a girl of science. Anyways back with Amanda abd her clan. With the latte all over me, I wasn't paying attention on what Amanda was saying, but what I did wanted to do was punch her on the face. I would hit her so hard that her nose piercing would go straight down her throat and let her choke until she turns purple and I would just laugh, laugh, and laugh. But only if it wasn't a law to hit anyone in school. Amanda and her clan of plastics finally walked away, as I continue to put my stuff away. "Just my luck, what else can go wrong?" I said out loud. I closed my locker and started walking down the halls

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