Chapter 4: The 2nd and 3rd nights

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The 2nd night came as Sonic, Shadow, Silver and Tails came back to survive the 2nd night with their new friend and ally: Foxy the pirate fox. Foxy gave Sonic pointers of how to keep track of where the animatronics pop up and when Freddy comes out. Meanwhile Sonic and the gang tell Foxy about many of their adventures they had and their special abilities and powers. The red fox was surprised and impressed with all his new friends' adventures and was a bit jealous too since he wanted to go on one of their adventures with them. Then the 2nd night ended as Sonic ended his shift and said goodbye to their new friend.

Sonic then asked Tails to make a special machine for their new friend. "What is it that you want me to make Sonic????" Tails asked Sonic then explained what the machine is "Well I noticed that Foxy was a bit sad since I could see that he doesn't want to be cooped up in his stage and with his robotic life so I want to make him into a mobian again." Tails smiled and thought 'that's Sonic always caring about others old and new' Tails then agreed and went to work on the machine right away.

On their 3rd night things started to get more hectic as Freddy started to get active and try to get into the office to kill the group. Sonic and the others had help from Foxy as he said "When Freddy comes up you have to slam the door quickly or else Freddy will come in and kill you." The others noted as they saw Freddy on the east hall corner camera and Sonic pressed the button and the door slammed in front of Freddy's face. They were safe for now as Sonic checked the cameras for the others. He saw that Bonnie was in the west hallway and Chica was in the restrooms staring at the camera. When it was 4 am Sonic wanted to talk to Foxy about something, Sonic then asked "Hey Foxy do you miss your life being a mobian instead of an animatronic???" Foxy then looked down and said "Well after being alone for a long time I really miss being outside in the sun and seeing new places and to hang out with my friends, also I want to have a real adventure to fight for good and defend my friends from evil." He then smiled to himself but then his ears went down and said sadly "But I can't since I'll always be stuck in this metal form forever and I'll never experience anything new anymore." Sonic then placed a hand on the red fox and said "Well how about when this is over, would you like to have your old life back and join us??" The Fox raised his ears and he then asked "What, what do you mean??" Sonic then explained what he's talking about "Well my buddy Tails is building a machine that will let you become a mobian again and you can join us and the rest of our friends on epic adventures thwarting Eggman's evil schemes and stopping any villains that comes our way." Foxy then smiled and said "I'd really like that and I want to start my life over anew and have a taste of adventure, it would be an honor to fight by you and your friends' side." Sonic smiled and stretched out his hand as Foxy took his good hand and shook Sonic's hand and formed a new friendship with his new friend, Sonic's brothers and Tails noticed and smiled knowing they have another friend to the team.

Meanwhile the animatronics were plotting on not only how to kill the night guard and his friends, but also to get back at that traitorous Foxy for joining the night guard. Then the mysterious figure appeared in front of the animatronics as they bowed down to him as Freddy said "We have been expecting you master, for we have some news that you must hear." The figure was intrigued and asked "And what is it that you have to report???" Freddy then said "The traitorous Foxy has been helping the night guard or what you call these so called hedgehogs." The figure smirked and said "Well then I guess the doctor will be pleased by this as we will destroy them once and for all for they will see the true power of Mephiles the Dark." The figure said as he revealed himself as a copy of Shadow but has grey highlights instead of red and has green piercing reptilian like eyes as he let out an evil laugh before he teleported away to Eggman's laboratory.

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