Crossover- Doctor Who Chapter 3

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We were thrown into a sort of jail similar to the one on earth but had an interesting alien looking lock to it after they patted us and took something off the Doctor, to which he complained to and something off Jack's wrist.

"Great." Jack said sighing and watched the Doctor as he was looking at the system to get out, "What now Doctor?"

Instead of answering Jack's question he looked at me, "You seem oddly calm for someone who just kidnapped." his voice held curiosity.

I shrugged in response while saying, "This is, sadly, not my first kidnapping."

"When were the other ones?" Rose asked concern leaking into her voice along with shock.

"Well...." I said trailing off, "There was one time I met the Guardians, you don't know them interesting group though, then there was one when I was de-aged and kidnapped, "ignoring the looks Percy continued, "There was also one when I met the BAU that work for the FBI." I said and shrugged more times, "Those are some at least."

Doctor looked interested, "How did you de-age?"

"Seriously?" Rose asked looking at the Doctor shocked, "he said all that and that is what you pick up on?"

Doctor shrugged, "It's interesting." he said

"I'm kinda agreeing with the Doctor." Jack said eyeing me, "So spill."

I told them about Loki and how the whole misspell." The Doctor found it interesting and nodded along with the story as he absorbed the story.

Once it was over Rose butted in before the Doctor could ask any questions, "How do we get out. I don't know about you but I rather not know why they locked us up."

"We could always open the door." I said calmly

"How?" Jack asked, "Without the Docs screwdriver we can't open it unless you have another way that can open any electronics without any difficulty?"

"I don't know about the difficulty but I do have an idea." I said pushing off against the wall I was previously leaning on.

"What would that be?" Rose asked but instead of answering I reached through the bars, ignoring the small shock that went through my body but instead absorbed it, and put my hand against the module.

"You should be reacting to shock." The Doctor said with a frown and it as I closed my eyes to concentrate thought I saw a look of concern.

I sighed as my head was filled with diagrams and electronics making me dizzy for a second to process it all. Then I started to sort it and under 10 seconds I had every layout in my head and with one push of a wire the module beeped and when I opened my eyes the light was green instead of the previous red.

Stepping back the door clicked open and the Doctor ran out, not before giving me an look that said we were going to talk about this later, we were racing through the halls hearing shouting overhead but continued to run.

We found where they put our items, grabbing the locket that held my mother's dear picture, we ran but were surrounded quickly with those guns pointed at us but they were slightly different.

They had a pulse!

The one I felt in water but it was changed, like poison but more liquidy and less solid.

Instantly I made sure I was ready if need be to try, never tried poison this was interesting, and keep the poison from reaching us.

An English form of, "You have tried to escape and you will be executed." Was just said before the aliens fired. The Doctor flinched but moved to be in front of Rose to try to save her.

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