Lucy's Back

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Lisanna POV

I was in the park with the girls.

I was taking the kids from the day care I work at to the park.

Erza, Mira, and Levy came along.

The boys are playing basket ball at the school.

I saw the group of kids I bought to the park walking over to me. The oldest, Emma spoke "Big sis, we want to have more fun."

"What do you mean? I thought you were having fun with me." I responded.

"We want Big Sister."

"I thought I was Big Sis." I stated.

"No. You're Silver Big Sis. You are our second favorite. But we still love playing with you." Emma paused for a moment "But we want Golden Big Sis."

She pointed to the basketball court. I looked over to see none other the a girl with golden/blonde hair playing basketball.

If you looked close, you could read her sweatshirt. It said B-BALL 4 LIFE.

She shot the ball from the half court line and it.... MADE IT.

"BIG SIS!!!!!" All the kids said in unison.

She turned around immediately.

Lucy POV

"BIG SIS!!!!!" I turned around and saw the day care kids.

"BABIES!!!!!" I screamed at the children. They were the first people I met when I came back. Even if the are kids, they are so sweet and intelligent.

All day long we played and I kept noticing this group of girls. It was 2 silver heads, a red head and a blue head.

I walked over to them and asked "Hi. I was wondering, do I know you?"

The blue net looked me in the eye. I could see her eyes drift to he black bandana on my head.

"Where did you get that?" The read head asked with wide eyes.

"My friend gave it to me as a child. I haven't taken it off since." I looked at them and the red and blue head had tears in their eyes.

"Lucy?!" How do they know my name?!

Then I saw it "Erza?! Levy?!"

They nodded their head and we hugged for what seemed like hours.

"We have to tell Natsu you're back!! He does have the right to see his childhood bestie!!" Levy said before grabbing my hand and pulling me down the street.

I looked back and Erza was racing along side us.

The long silver haired gal was looking at is with a confused look while the short haired one was looking at me with confusion and... anger?

Hi everybody I hope you like my first chapter.

I know it was super short but the first like two chapters are just gonna be basic intros.

Thanks for reading.

I hope that you continue and remember.....


Bye everybody!!


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