It's been a week since I've last spoke to Constance, I know it's stupid but I can no longer trust anyone.

Nobody has my trust not even my parents.

Well they are one of the main reasons I have trust issues in the first place.

See when I was younger I was a normal child I lived with my mother and father, till I was probably three my dad was rarely home because of work and my mom took care of me.

My mom was tired of my dad never being home so she told him she wanted a break, He cames home month's later to see shes moved on.

I dont blame him for hating my mom, because I would too if someone I loved and left home to work for and support our child just moved on without an explanation, so I understand.

But I didnt understand then.

Years passed and now the man my dad seen my mom had moved on with is my stepdad he made my mom happy and gave her two other children to love.

I still got to see my dad on weekends but I barley remember them, He meets my step mom 3 years later and she makes him happy, and she still does. She had three kids of her own ,one five years older than me , the second 3 or 4 years older than me and the last one is 1 year older than me.

Sure I grew up poor with my mom and was bullied for having crappy clothes, but I didnt care because I was young and happy. But then my dad and step mom took me away from my mom and half brother and sister, they were so young and they didnt understand why I was leaving, I was young and didnt understand why they were taking me.

My step sister's hated me for some unknown reason so they bullied me made fun of my clothes and past. But I didnt care and eventually gave up on denying because there was no use.

So I let them until they left me alone.

Me and my step sister's grew closer than we were before throught the years but I still dont trust them.

Because they lied to me, he lied to me when he told me I'd be happy and she lied to me when she said she would always be there for me and that she will try her hardest to get me back from him.

But I wasn't and she didn't.

He lied to me

She lied to me.

My dad lied to me.

My mother lied to me.

Everyone lies to me, even myself.

That's how life is and will always be.

Eventually I will stop hurting myself but it wont do anything  to change my feelings or thoughts, therefore leaving me confused and lost, but it's better than being dead.

And you eventually learn to live through it.

So don't give up fight for your right to live against yourself, many will judge others wouldn't care, but remember they aren't what matters all that matters is yourself even if you hate yourself just remembered things happen for a reason.


This is how I decided to end the story . Hope you liked it.

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