Fetty // Night Out (Part 1)

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"Babe, come on, you gone make us late." Willie rushed me as I was in the bathroom steadily applying mascara. I was already clothed in the dress he'd bought me two nights before in preparation for the dinner reservations he had for us. Usually, Willie was very spontaneous and laid back, but for whatever reason, tonight he seemed more anxious and somewhat jittery. I purposely took a little extra time time to curl my hair. No one wants to look raggedy on a date, right? He sat on the couch to keep from getting tired standing at the door repeatedly looking at his extremely expensive looking gold Rolex wristwatch. When I was satisfied with my appearance for the evening, I dramatically walked out into the living room, as if I was walking down a runway, modeling a creation of my very own. Slowly, but candidly, I came to a stop and stood in front of him awaiting his obvious approval and predicted awe of my look. He looked at me, similar to the way he looked at me about 5 years ago when I accepted his invitation to be his girlfriend. Except, this time, years later, we're now more comitted and his eyes were a little wider now, his grin more purposeful, and his guard lower than its ever been. Almost not speaking at all, he managed to piece together a sentence, parting every word with an understandable delay. "Babe, I.....We're......You look......Just........Beautiful." I giggled innocently yet seductively, expecting the reaction I received. "Damn." He added softly, still clearly stunned. "Will, get up. You were just rushing me, now you're sitting down." I laughed then grabbed him by the hand to pull him off the couch when I was swiftly pulled onto him, positioned to sit across his lap. I held onto his shoulders while he securely gripped my waist, biting his lip, and looking into my eyes the way he usually did before providing me sexual pleasure. "I can't get up," he began to explain before I tensely asked him why. "Because I'm up." He continued. I looked down at the top of his pants where I discovered the lump signifying his erection. "I never meant to... get you hard" I apologized. He pulled me onto his pelvis unexpectedly and I blushed as a result of the wetness I was experiencing. I got up after taking in what he had me feeling at the moment. "Will, I'll be in the bedroom. I'll give you some time to go down and I'll meet you back out here."

About 10 minutes later he was calling me back to the front door once again ready to leave. We walked out of the house and he politely opened the limousine door for me, and proceeded to slide in immediately after I got comfortable where I was sitting. On the way to the restaurant, Willie didn't talk much. He was bouncing his leg up and down repeatedly while biting his lip and looking nervously out the window. It bothered me, the energy he was letting off. It made me worry tremendously. Placing a hand gently on his jittery leg and running up and down from his knee to his upper thigh in an attempt to calm him, I asked, "Will, are you okay?" "Huh?" He answered shocked as if I had startled him and broke some kind of concentration, "Oh, oh, nah.... yeah I'm good" Seeing how he was probably lying, I reached over and kissed his neck repeatedly until I was stopped by his very arousing groan and the scary yet ironically provoking warning that he'd tell the driver to turn the car around and take us home if I didn't stop turning him on.

We arrived at the restaurant and were seated on the rooftop as soon as we stepped foot in the establishment. It was gorgeous, but I expected nothing less from the man I love. He was still kind of jittery and seemed extremely nervous and at this point it started to scare me. "Will, seriously, what's wrong?" He answered with an annoyed sounding "Nothing, babe" and kept looking through the menu. We ordered, our food came, and we ate. Midway through our meal he seemed to lighten up and became less tense. He started laughing and smiling more, and then, his tenseness reappeared as he said to me, "Baby, can I ask you something?" "Sure, what's up?" He took a deep breath and continued on to say, "Babe, you are the most... Gorgeous, independent, motivated woman next to my mother that I've ever met and known in my entire life. You are the only person I know that wakes up happy and positive and stays like that through the whole day. I ain't never met no woman like you. We been togetha for five years. And I feel like I've known you foreva..... and I honestly think of you as my soulmate. I'm in love with you and that's evident. Basically, all I'm really trynna say is," he stopped and got down on one knee, pulled a small box out of his pocket, opened it and showcased the most beautiful ring I've ever seen in my life, and looked up at me in a way that made me cry into my hands in an instant. So innocently, softly, and even with a slight quiver in his voice he asked, "Will you marry me?" After about 30 whole seconds of my crying I nodded yes, then was finally able to get it out in words. "Yes. Yes!" He slid the ring on my finger and hugged me tighter than I've ever been hugged. He made me feel indescribable.

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