"Probably." I shrugged. "Now that the babysitters are gone, let's drink! What alcohol do you have in this joint anyway?" I walked towards the kitchen. "Knowing your brother, it's probably something cheap... like his girls."

A couple of girls with generously painted faces and minimal amount of clothing glared at me as Ray-Ray and I passed by them and I smirked; no doubt they had either been with Liam at some point or were planning to hook up tonight. Speaking of which...

"Where's the dumb O'Brien anyway?" I asked, opening the fridge to find - surprise, surprise! - lots and lots of cheap alcohol.

"Vallery Reed, you promised..."

"... Not to kill him," I finished while rummaging through the cold box in hopes to find something less fishy than what I was offered at a first glance. "It will be easier to do that if I avoid him and it will be easier to avoid him if I know where he is."

I closed the door and scanned the kitchen with narrowed eyes before I pulled Raiden towards me and whispered in his ear:

"Where is it?"

"I know you don't like Liam, but since when are you calling him 'it'?" He murmured in reply.

"Not him; the good alcohol!"

The redhead pushed himself away to look at me.

"The good al..."

I placed my hands over his mouth to shush him, then leaned forward to whisper:

"Not so loud; I don't want everyone to find out about it." I looked at the other people idling about in the room. "I know your brother has a couple of bottles of good alcohol stashed somewhere to impress girls with... Where are they?"

"I don't know." He stepped back. "And I don't care. Let's just grab a beer."

I hopped back and sat on one of the counters.

"But I want some good alcohol in my system, Ray-Ray. I want to get tipsy, to sing, to dance..."

"To flirt?" He suggested.

"Sure." I grinned, gazing straight into his eyes. "Why not flirt with some hot, well-built guy in a red t-shirt..."

He cleared his throat and smirked.

"Like that guy over there!" I pointed at a dude in a tight t-shirt who was leaning on the opposite wall and typing on his phone.

"He's gay," Raiden insisted after giving the other boy the once over.

"How do you know?"

"I just do," he blurted out and opened the fridge to grab two beers. "One for me, one for you." He forced the can into my hand. "Let's go."

I allowed him to pull me off the counter and speedily drag me out of the kitchen and into the narrow - due to the amount of couples making out in it - hallway.

"Got to say," I opened the can and took a swig, "this party is a lot quieter than I expected from one hosted by Liam. I though there will be more R-rated and less PG-13 stuff."

"Well, mom and dad agreed we can have a party under certain conditions." Raiden opened his own drink. "The music shouldn't be loud enough to bother the neighbors, people come on foot so that the street doesn't turn into a parking lot, we should say our goodbyes at two a.m. the latest and no alcohol."

"You boys are failing with the last." I took another sip.

"And we'll probably fail with the curfew, but it's not like I can do anything about it."

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