Chapter 6

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Songs mentioned in the chapter: Girls Just Want To Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper, American Woman by Lenny Kravitz and God Save The Queen by the Sex Pistols.


"This girl just wants to have fun, ooh, this girl just wants to have..."

"You know the original lyrics are 'girls just want to have fun', right?" My brother reminded me, raising his voice a little so I could hear him over the gradually increasing volume of the music.

"And you know your sister likes to sing the songs her own way, right?" We entered the O'Brien's yard and Hunter swung his arm around my twin's waist, pulling Nat towards him. "Remember what she did to American Woman? Besides, she isn't singing God Save The Queen yet."

"What makes you think I'll be singing that?" I asked, maneuvering to my left to avoid a tipsy girl who was unable to walk in a straight line. Seriously? It wasn't even ten p.m. yet!

"It's one of your favorite songs to sing when you are drunk." My brother sighed. "So let's hope we don't get to the point where you will be singing that. After all, you promised Raiden to behave."

"No, I promised Ray-Ray I'll try not to kill his stupid brother." I felt about my pink purse to make sure I've taken my phone. "Besides, who behaves at a party, bro?"

I pushed the front door open and the music got louder. Terrible choice if you asked me, but then again I wasn't much into rap; Hunt should feel right at home though.

Well, mostly, I corrected in my mind. He's into old rap songs and this is contemporary.

My eyes scanned over the crowd and I noticed the two girls - Aaliyah and Alysha - that Liam had introduced us to in the café.

Wonder which one will end up in his bed tonight... Maybe both. Won't that be incest? They are cousins after all...

"Hey." My musings were interrupted by Raiden's voice and I turned towards it. My eyes ran over him from head to toe, lingering on the area of his abs, covered with a t-shirt that matched the color of his hair.

Tight t-shirt.

Very abs-revealing t-shirt.

"Have you put on some weight?" I teased, poking him in the stomach when he noticed me staring. "This feels like dough."

It was a complete and utter lie. His abs were hard enough to grate cheese on them.

My childhood friend frowned.

"At least I'm not the one with the big butt," the redhead retorted and I gasped and patted my behind.

"Hey, my ass might be big enough to has its own gravitational pull, but it's still an awesome ass." I grinned. "It's ass-mazing."

He rolled his eyes.

"Let's just grab some drinks, okay?"

"Sure, what do you two wa..." I turned around to where my brother and his boyfriend should've been and where they most notably weren't.

"They headed to the back while you were poking my non-existent dough," Raiden informed me. "I guess Hunt must've decided Nat will be more comfortable outside."

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