Angel Wars Chapter 11

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When Trystan arrived in Ehlena’s room, she was looking outside on the balcony. He stood where he was, admiring how the sun was shining on her. Did he love her? He had been thinking about this ever since Daisy said it. Trystan once again looked at Ehlena. His tongue touched the inside of his lip ring, moving it up and down as he thought about it. Did he ever say ‘I love you’?

He only slept with her once but did he felt an immediate rush of love? He wondered if she felt the same, or maybe he’s just another fuck buddy. But, Trystan’s mind argued, she was a virgin. Frustrated and confused, he aimed for the door.

“Trystan, I didn’t know you were in here. You’re quiet as a mouse,” Ehlena said, walking back in.

“I was trained to be quiet or be dead.” Trystan said, sitting on the chairs from the small break fast table. He didn’t want to smell her, touch her nor look at her right now. Ehlena frowned a little, noticing he was staring at the bouquet of flowers she freshly cut more than her. Something was wrong. She sat down in front of him, cupping her chin with her hands.

“Did something bother you? You seem…agitated..” More like confused as fuck, Trystan thought.

“I have this…friend. He’s…well, he slept with tons of girls but he met this one girl,” Trystan said, looking at her to see if she knew he was referring to himself. Nope, good. She mhmm’d and he continued.

“And his…girlfriend, well, ex really, said he loves the other girl and now he’s confused because he’s wondering if that other girl loved him back.”

“Well here’s a thought. You’re not much of an adivice give or helper and if you’re referring to yourself then yes, that other does love you. He’s an ass for not noticing.”

Frowning, he leaned forward. “He’s not an ass for not noticing. She’s an ass for not making a move or saying anything.”

Ehlena was angry now. She expected today would be a perfect day to discuss what will be the plan to battle with the Light Angels but now it’s entirely different.

“Well maybe she wouldn’t be an ass if he could at least hint a little.”

“Okay that may be his fault but he’s confused,” Argued Trystan.

“Are we talking about your friend or you?” Ehlena asked, crossing her arms. Trystan scoot the chair back, scraping it against the floor with a squeak and groan. He didn’t want to start this argument.

“Daisy was right.” Raising an eyebrow, Trystan never knew Daisy and Ehelena had an encounter with each other.

“The infamous Trystan, known for heartbreaking and fucking girls is in love with me, but he’s a damn fool for not saying it!” Ehelena shouted. She was on the verge of tears.

“You want me to say it? Fine, I love you. I love you Ehlena Salvitore. And if you deny it then you’re lying.” Trystan breathed heavily when the words rushed out of his mouth like a flowing river.

“I don’t believe you. Show me not tell me.” Said Ehlena sticking her oh so challenging chin up in the air. Trystan growled and walked three long strides, cupping her face in his hands. His lips roughly found hers, tasting the sweetness and softness of it. She’s like a drug. Better than his medicine. Ehelena’s hands immediately flew up to wrap around his neck, wanting to feel his body heat and skin against hers.

How long has it been since they haven’t been together? Using his hands and arms, Trystan lifted her up, her legs wrapping around his torso. Ehelena gave a little moan, sending fireworks coursing through his body. Wasting time no more, Trystan carried her to the bed, placing her down, going for the pants.


“What are we? A fucking hotel that greets Light Angels to our place to stay?!” King Madd shouted. Trystan winced a little at how loud his father was. And furious too.

“He’s her brother,” Trystan argued.

“He’s a Light Angel. He’s a Prince. He’ll know what we’re doing and, Mother Nature forbid, if he would betray us and tell his father.” King Madd sighed heavily and rubbed the back of his neck tiredly.

His race, Dark Angels, have been misjudged and hated not by their “devious” looks but their character. They weren’t all mean. They were given a task from Heaven to protect Other World from havocs. It seems the Light Angels disagree. The Light Angels thought they were sent to Other World to kill the Dark Angels.

Years and years, both sides have been at each other’s throats. Killing one off another. None have succeeded because both sides was equal in strength and power. So both Kings decided that building a wall separating the Dark and Light angels would be a good idea. There weren’t fights but there were dead bodies.

“Trystan, do you know what a Dark Angel’s weakness?” Madd asks.

“They are defenseless when their wings are ripped out but they can survive.”

“Yes, and something else.”

Frowning, Trystan was a little setback about that something else. “Something else, father?”

“They can also be shot through the heart.”

“What you’re saying is….” Trystan was not understanding where his father was going with this. But he is mad.

“I got a plan,” King Madd said,grinning.

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