Chapter 1

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This book contains mature content, ages 14+ or if you're used to murder and shit like that then you're welcome to read it, but don't get mad at me cause I warned ya.




This morning at 7:03 am, Carlyle Cofield, 18, was found dead. Investigators claim that she was stabbed 47 times. The State police are looking for the criminal who has committed this crime, but for now, we recommend that you stay indoors, and if you see any suspicious activity, to call 9-1-1 immediately.

I chuckle at the newsprint.

"Stay indoors"

What kind of idiot would stay in their house while, I, the murderer is on the loose?

The police have no idea where to start, I've hidden all the tracks, and thrown the bodies out for anyone to see.

Carlyle, poor Carlyle. She couldn't keep her mouth shut.

She should have known that playing with the devil would only bring her death.

The killings, oh the killings. They give me a high.

Once I jab the blade into their stomachs, I look into their eyes, pupils once dilated in fear, shrinking to the tiniest speck, as their life slowly slips away.

Their shrieks of pain, begging to be set free, but oh, don't they know? Once you've caught my eye, you're mine.

It's the same question; 'are you going to hurt me?'

Darling, why else would I bring you here? We most certainly are not going to have a talk over tea.

Here I am, in front of an old diner, smoking my last cigarette, preying upon any women, who will easily throw themselves at me.

Speaking of which..

"Hey bad boy, what brings you here?" the blonde woman asked me, her hand resting on my shoulder as she whispered in my ear 'let's get out here'.

I immediately take the woman into the separate building, to the men's bathroom.

"Clothes off, now" I mutter, immediately taking my shirt off, and my pants.


Little did she know that she would die that night.

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