Twenty Nine: Case Of Saudade

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"Why are you so concerned ? Shouldn't you be going to classes now ? " He now sat down on the ground not wanting to look at the woman at all .

"Hmmm you know I should " He heard the woman's foot step leaving and didn't hear it again . He thought she was a bit off but shrugged it off , playing with the lace of his shoes.

"But a doctor never leaves their patient " The man jumped in fear causing the woman to laugh now . She crouched down and sat beside him.

"How did you ?'re one strange person..and-and I'm not your f-cking patient !"

"Oooh someone's this your way of pushing help away ?"

The man was about to yell but stopped himself . In an unknown way of things ....this was true . But it wasn't his fault . A random person he'd never met before is acting as if she's his patient and he's meant to say " sure go ahead !"

"Talks to himself" She mumbled

"What ?"

"I said you talk to yourself..see?" She showed him what she'd written . He furrowed his eyebrows, scanning the words .

"Nail bitter ? Hey ! " she giggled , jotting some more things " erase that ! I don't get angry easily !!"

"Says the buffalo " The man sighed in anger , giving himself a facepalm.

"Look if I have a problem I'd go see help but I don't . I'm here minding my business and you came disturbing me with your theories and jotters . Now if you don't mind miss whatever the hell your name is I'm leaving and I don't need your help " The man stood up and turned to the woman expecting her to be upset or offended from the way he was talking to her .


"What are you smiling about ? Stop it " He said as the woman couldn't stop smiling , she stared at the man contently before he stopped complaining and stared at her . He never realised but her eyes were a beautiful shade of light blue the sky. Now mentioning it...her long wavy bright blonde hair cascaded down to her elbows . She wore a cream jumper freshly stitched by the looks of it , wearing warm coloured trousers... it was like a burgundy colour ? and playing with the tips of her unchemicalised hair . She was very attractive .

He shook her image out of his head when she held onto his shoulder.

"I see you all the time around the campus, You're really quiet and you have this stare that makes you look mysterious . Some people are afraid of talking to you or they say rude things to you ....but you know what I say ? " He just stared at her . She smiled again now showing her teeth "I say 'he's just misunderstood' "

He still didn't say anything .

"Why would you.."

"There's something interesting about you . I want to know you more as a person, if you want a drinking buddy I'm here ! I can drink so much we'll be singing the national anthem , if you want a dancing buddy I'm sure we can boogie all Saturday to wham ! if you want a crying buddy we can cry till dawn; what I'm trying to say is...reach out to people who are trying to help you....all I want is for us to be friends at least.... acquaintances even "

"You talk a lot " The man stated cracking up a smile .

"Is that a smile I see Mr Malik ? " He raised a brow .

"How do you know my name ?"

"I told you , I see you a lot around the campus and many people tell rumours about you Zayn Malik" She came closer to whisper " You've gotten a few girl crushes "

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