Twenty Nine: Case Of Saudade

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Chapter Twenty Nine: Case Of Saudade




Thre-God dammit !!




Fo-Are you kidding me right now ?

There stood a confused man in his earlier twenties , staring deeply at the palm of his hands . He mumbled the numbers again and cursed whenever he got it wrong . This caused people to glance or stare at him .

" Hey ! Let's all look at this guy because we're all such a noisey bunch ! " He said sarcastically "Dont you have classes to attend ?"

The strangers said nothing as they continued to walk to their classes .

"For f-ck sake" He said as his nose flared impatiently . He turned back and look at the clock which was planted on the big building behind him .


He's late for class and it's the second semester..

"I can't be late again " he whispered to himself. He's been struggling with the arrival part for his courses and if he wants to gets his diploma and look like he's at least grateful to be here and actually make an effort by going to his classes he should be at the lesson right now .

"So why aren't you in class ?" He said to himself.

As the people start to disperse there stood that guy trying to count up whatever it was that was in his hand . Count after count , time after time . He got stressed out.

"This will never work ! I'd rather get beaten up !!" He sulked throwing whatever it was in his hands on the floor . He slid down agaisnt the ground knowing he was already late for his class. But that didn't bother him . He sighed heavily taking a good chunk of his hair and trying to pull it out.

Light footsteps could be heard .

He ignored it and thought of how he was going to get himself back together . This is the fourth time he'd been called back to the premises and here he was sitting on the floor looking for whatever made him so stressed .

The footsteps closer and closer till it stopped .

The man sighed to himself before mumbling " this is soo f-cking stupid " he tilted his head and opened his eyes .

A woman was what he could see .

The man yelled as the woman jumped too, clearly startled by the mans actions . He got up quickly and cleared his throat .

"Who are you ?! Don't you know it's rude to stare at someone ? " He spat bitterly .

"Not when they look like they could sleep for a billion years " She replied not taking his tone seriously .

"Are you stressed....perhaps depressed ? " The man scoffed

"What are you ? Some....some kind of psychiatrist ? " The woman smiled a little .

"No..but in the works of becoming one " She said as the man looked flabbergasted .

'Well played ' he thought to himself

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