Say your just a friend (Austin, Robert, and Alex Constancio Fanfic)

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,Christy's Bio

Hair color= Black

Eye color= Gray

Skin= tan

Height= 5,4

Age= 16

Career= Model, &, dancer..

Maelani's Bio

Hair color= Red

Eye color= Hazel

Skin= Tan

Height= 5,5

Age= 16

Career= Going to school

Marissa's Bio

Hair color= light brown

Eye color= dark green

Skin= Tan



Career=, Singer, but not Famous, FootLocker,


Christy's P.o.v

'Mae, Marissa, Com'n we gotta go meet the others at Zap Zone,' Hurry' I said to from downstairs,

'Alright, alright' Mae said back she was wearing ,her Black crop top, dark blue ripped skinny jeans and her all black Nikes, Marissa had on Black sweats, and a galaxy shirt, w/ the colors, black,blue,and purple on it, and black vanz,

'Kay lets go' I said,

*at Zap Zone*

'Hey, Aprilizies,' I said to April

' Hey' she said back,

'Hey, Meghan, Jessie, Victor, Gabriel'

I said to all them

'Wassup' they all said in unison which made me laugh,

'So you guys ready to go start playing' Mae said,

'Yeah' Meghan said back

*after the game*

'Bye guys' ttyl' Marissa said tryna act like a white girl, haha' this girl,

'Bye' Vic said,

As we were leaving I felt someone come up behind me, and tried to scare me, we'll they failed

'Hey Christy' Gabriel said

'Hey Gabby' I said to him laughing, he laughed too haha',

'whatever I was wondering if you wanted to come with to a party later today, you can bring Mae, and Mari too if you want,' he asked me

'Who is this 'friend'' I asked winking,

'Its a guy' he said with a serious face

'ohh my bad' I was laughing,by now

'yeah he just got back in town and him and his friends are having a party so you wanna go'

'Yeah sure sounds fun' I said to him,

'Okay text you later to tell you when it's gonna start, I'll pick you up'

'Okay Bye', I said

*at house*

'So Gabriel invited me to this party his friends are throwing, you guys wanna come,' I said to Mae, and Mari,

'Who's the friend' mae said

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