Wolves and torture

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Alexandria P.O.V (outfit above)

 The last couple of days have been hell. Damon managed to piss of a wolf and was marked then the wolf girl came and tried to bite him but got Rose instead and now she's dead. Then the wolves kidnapped Caroline and said something about the moonstone and Tyler Lockwood. Damon and Stefan went to go save Caroline and they did thanks to the help with Elijah's witches Jonas and Luca. 
And now me and Damon are sat drinking in the parlour.

' Wolves suck.' I said.

' Yup.' He replied popping the 'p'.

' And it for some kid and a silly little rock ?'

' Yup' He said again and brought his glass to his lips.

' Interesting.' I said placing my empty glass on the table.

' It is isn't it.' A unfamiliar voice said. I turned to see a blonde woman by the door acting like she owned the place. 

' Jules' Damon said, I looked back at him.

' Now.' Was all she said before everything went black.

I woke to find myself chained to a chair. I groaned. Bloody wolves.

'Hello sweetheart.' A voice said.

' You dick.' I said.He smiled and pulled a chain and I let out a scream there was a chocker around my neck which had wooden stakes around it piercing my neck.

' Leave her alone.' Damon shouted, I turned my head to see him in the exact same position as me.

' No can do.' The man said and he pulled the chain again causing me to scream which made the house shook.

' Your problem is with me, not her let her go.' Damon pleaded tears were now running down my face, I've always tried to be strong but this reminds me of my past, a past I wanted to forget.

' Where's the moonstone ?' Jules said.

' We don't know.' Damon said. Jules nodded at the guy holding my chain and he grabbed a stake and stabbed me in the stomach causing me to cough up blood.

' I'm telling the truth, last time Katherine had it.'

' As in Kathy ? Mason's Kathy ? A man said. Damon nodded.

' Your lying.' Jules said and made her way over to me and staked me in the leg which led to me groan and mutter' bitch'.

' Thank you sweetie.' I scoffed and my head fell forward.

' Looking for this.' A voice said Elijah I thought. I lifted my head up and saw him standing there with the moonstone, his eyes filled with worry as he looked at me. I gave him a reassuring smile but he didn't believe.

' The moonstone.' Jules said. Elijah placed it on the table and walked down the steps.

' It's yours.' He said.

Two wolves ran to get it but stopped to have Elijah's hands in their chest. The wolves gasped he ripped out their hearts and there bodies fell to the floor along with their hearts. Another couple of wolves came at him only to have their hearts ripped out. Jules sped out the room along with the guy who tortured me. Leaving the moonstone behind. Elijah made is way over to me, I shook my head.

' Help Damon first' I said still coughing up blood. He reluctantly nodded and pulled the chains of Damon. He made his way back over to me and pulled the chains and chocker off me and took the stakes out. I groaned or flinched when ever he pulled one out his eyes were filled with anger and worry. I tried to get stand but I failed and fell back into the chair. 

' I've got this.' Damon said and picked me up bridal style.  Elijah nodded and looked at me before he sped out of the room with the moonstone.Damon carried me to my room and placed me on the bed, he sped out and back with a blood bag in his hands which he handed to me.  I took it and drained the bag immediately throwing it onto the floor once I was done. I sat up to see a concerned Damon.

' Damon I'm fine.' I said giving him a weak smile.

' No Ria your not fine, I'm so sorry.' He said as he placed his hands in mine and bringing me into a hug.

' Damon I'm okay seriously.'

' I thought they were going to kill you like that bastard was back in the 30's.' I gulped remembering the memory.


New Orleans 1930's 

'Please, let me go.' I pleaded.

'No can do sweetie, You broke the rules.'He said.

I' didn't know there were rules to be broken.'I sneered at the man which led to me getting shot.
I screamed as the bullet was laced with vervain.

'That could of been avoided but you just have to get cocky.' The man said with a chuckle.

'Please, I'm sorry for breaking your rules.' 

'Sorry, I can't be soft with you.'He said and walked out the room.

'Marcel please, Marcel.' I yelled.

Flashback over

''Alex ? Alex are you alright' ? Damon said as he shook me.

'Yeah I'm fine'. I said giving him a small smile and getting off the bed and walked to my closet.

;Well I'll  leave you to rest.'' He said and left me to my thoughts,I heard the front door open indicating he left. That when I let the tears fall.


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