Gaby’s pov

It’s been a month since I went to matt’s parent house, it wasn’t exactly joyful. I was still hurt from all the drama and finding out that matt’s parent were racist, I would have never though that matt came from such hateful family.


Kayla hasn’t been to work since the day I saw her at matt’s parent house. At work, I know that my colleague has been spreading rumors about me.


Some of Kayla’s friend or like I like to call them bimbos been trying to ruin my reputation at work, saying that I’m a slut, I made matt fire Kayla and that I only live with matt to serve him as a sex slave.


None of those aren’t true though, none of those lies weren’t me, I worked hard to be where I was today, so I wasn’t going to let these home wrecker change me or catastrophe me.


 I knew that Kayla must have been the one to tell them to treat me like crap, to see if I would crack but I they sure weren’t doing a good job at it.


Matt tried to tell me how sorry he was about his parent and tell me that he wasn’t racist as his parents, that he loved me and would never hurt me.

I knew that matt was different from everyman out there, matt was my matt but I just felt like what if matt was playing me, what if matt was exactly like his parents.


Those questions were just burning into my mind and I was going crazy over that.

I know that matt knew about the rumors going at the office about me, and I also knew that he was trying to help me; he would give me less work, give me more free days or tell me to go home earlier.


 I guess he was trying to take away all of my stress, make me relax, but he just didn’t know he was making this worse.


I was feeling as if I was being a toll on him, as if I was being a whole other problem on him.

On Sunday morning I was sleeping next to matt when I felt nauseas. I tried to get up but matt was holding me to tightly.


‘’ matt wake up’’ I said trying to not throw up all over him.

‘’ oohmmmm ‘’ matt replied holding me tightly as if he was scare to let me go.


‘’ MATTY’’ I yell loudly, making him jerk awake.

I ran immediately to the restroom and threw up all I ate last night.


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