The Creeper

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This is my first story, so let me know what you think and if there are any mistakes



Mia’s eyes apprehensively darted from sodden wall to wall, looking for some kind of corridor she could follow. The population that once stood around her had dispersed themselves from the strong urine smelling subway at least thirty minutes ago.

In the earlier days the mud- spattered subway was used as a shelter from the incoming German bombs, which made the ambience of the place darker. Mia had learned about it in her history class, which was the only class she attempted not to fall asleep in. 

 It was the main artery to get where you needed to go, the train was much faster than any car; yet there was always a lack of people using it.

The most she had ever seen using it was around fourteen people.

She continued to walk forward, but stopped almost instantly. A pair of deep-set charcoal black eyes had appeared in front of her, a squalid emaciated mug surrounding them; sharp pin like teeth possessing the area of its rotten black gums.

Blood still clung abundantly toher once uncontaminated yellow line dappled dress.

 She had already been in a fight; the last thing she needed was to come across a freak... a monster.

But in a blink of her eyes it was gone, was it ever real?

She began to walk again, her pace escalating hastily.

 She had no idea if she was moving closer to the exit or further away, but she didn’t care at that point. Not after what she had maybe seen.  Escape was her only precedence.

Her heart was beating like a drum within her chest, why did she have the feeling that she was being followed?

‘I see you,’ a sharp whisper echoed, coating the atmosphere with trepidation.

Mia’s eyes widened and the marine blue of her eyes had become infested with total horror.

 She glanced behind into the ever-present gloom; her legs frozen for a few seconds due to swelling emotions inside her body

  ‘Such a pretty girl,’ the voice hissed.

 Now she was sure she hadn’t imagined the face at all. She turned and exploded into her fastest run, turning right with a high-pitched whimper.

She didn’t even see the brick wall which had seemed to materialise out of thin air.


 She landed on her back, staring up at the ceiling in a dazed blur.

 ‘Pretty... pretty... pretty.’ The voice sounded closer than before and less light. Less echoing.

 A slim carcass like, black hand was blended into the crook of her view, followed by another. It has to be a dream, her head hoped.

 She wanted to sit up, and scramble into a run but she didn’t have the energy and everything was distorted and inaccurate. All she could do was scream, and scream she did. The scream emitted from her pale lips was tremendously loud.

 Pain soared through her head, giving her the immediate motivation a reaction to shoot up from the ground.

 The wall had gone!

Another long corridor was laid out in front of her eyes. And stairs, the stairs leading to the surface. She was safe. Or so she thought.

 She took in a deep breath at the summit of the stairs, the fresh air brushing against her skin.

 The two livid cuts on her face from whatever attacked her, had formed a thick arc. Warm streams of wine-coloured life ran into her eyes; splattering her clothes with more blood than she could imagine.

 Was it all hers? It cascaded down her whole body, tumbling through her fingers; dripping heavily onto the taciturn stone concrete. 

God it hurt!

She looked down at her trembling body, somebody had to believe her with all the blood as evidence; she had convinced herself.

But before she could move, she felt a constricted grip fixing on her left ankle.

 She yelped as it yanked it backwards. She fell face first onto the ground, but was too busy screaming to feel the soreness of her face.

 Her hands had become obdurate and her nails dug into the stairs as she was pulled lower, the shadows masking more and more of her body until she was gone; her penetrating scream resonating in the distance...then silence.

Her nail marks had been imprinted into the stairs. The amount of terror coursing through her must have been at its climax. And would anybody know what had happened to her that night? Only the next victim.

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