Chapter 10

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Tris P.O.V:

It's Verity's birthday today. I can't believe it's come so soon. She's 2!!! I wake up Uriah and tell him I'm going to Christina's to get ready for the party and for him to keep an eye on Verity. I check on Verity first to check that she's okay and surprisingly, she was still asleep.

I go to Christina's in my pyjamas as it is really early and ask her how the present has been doing. She said perfect.

You guessed it! We got Verity a dog!! A French Bulldog!

I get ready for the party and wear a red checkered shirt and black skinny jeans with black converse.

-- About 50 minutes --

Everybody's here now (the gang, Verity's friends and their parents, my parents, Uriah's parents, etc.), except Uriah and Verity; even Tobias is here, after what happened yesterday I'm slightly surprised but he is her dad, I guess. Uriah knows about what happened yesterday; except obviously about the kiss, I can't tell him about that.

We here a knock on the door and we all get ready for when they come in. I open the door and we all yell "SURPRISE!!!"

I hear an excited squeal from Verity and then she says she wants to open her presents.

She got loads. Her reaction when she saw the dog was priceless! She literally screamed with happiness.

Tobias got her a set of bows: good present considering I gave him less than a day and Verity loves bows.

-- 1 hour later--

Verity played a lot with her presents and the dog. She's decided to name it 'Tiny' because he's small. Everyone has left now apart from obviously Christina and Will because it's their apartment. I pick everything up, with help from Uriah and take everything home apart from Verity and Tiny as Christina offered to take care of them while we do that. We get home and put everything in Verity's room and set off back to Christina's. Uriah picks me up as we get out the door and gives me a piggy-back ride all the way to Christina's while I giggle non-stop all the way outside. We pick Verity and Tiny up and go home.

Shortish chapter. Don't kill me!! I hope you enjoyed Verity's birthday! So guys, I've got some news, Charlotte has decided to work on her other books for the moment and put this book on hold; so it's just me, hope you don't mind! 😔
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