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For FFA2001

Your third request~ And to my readers, I will count your number requests from both this book and my smut book. Just in case hahaha. Wait, it's your fourth. Whateva.


A short pain was felt stinging at the back of your head. You crouched, rubbing the sore spot. "AH!! NOONA!! I'm so sorry, I didn't see you!" Vernon shouted and you saw him appear in front of you. He was holding the basketball in his hand. That must explain what happened.

You smiled at him and stood up, but lost your balance. Only to be caught by Wonwoo. You mouthed a thanks to him and he gave you a warm smile. He was about to speak, but Vernon got your attention again.

"Does it hurt alot? Are you bleeding? Did I hit you too hard? GOSH, you're not going to die,right?"The last question was ridiculous, but you shook your head to assure him. Vernon frowned and went behind you and lifted your ponytail, trying to see if you were injured.

He got dangerously close to you, leaning in until you felt his breath lingering on your skin. Vernon sighed and tapped your head,"I thought I killed you." You playfully hit his chest and tied up your hair once again.

The basketball game was resumed, you being in Wonwoo's team. Vernon was actually from the opponent team but insisted in being in your team, just to keep an eye on you. You just nodded in agreement, but deep inside you felt more than touched. His team was on a winning verge, but he joined your team for you. Oh, Hansol.

It went as per normal, but Vernon coming up to you every 10 seconds just to check of you were fine kind of disturbed Wonwoo. He stayed quiet, trying to come closer to you but Vernon was always there. With you. While you were distracted, Vernon wrapped his arm around your waist to 'secure' you.

Wonwoo's blood was getting hotter, hoping that you would at least give him some attention. But no, Vernon was the one that had your attention. In the middle of the game, Vernon came to an extent of brushing your hair out of your face. While holding you close to him.

Totally forgetting about the basketball game,Wonwoo stomped  towards you and pushed Vernon off you. Everything went silent for a moment after Vernon fell on the floor with a loud thud. Wonwoo was breathing heavily, and Vernon was recovering from the fall. You bend down and offered your hand to Vernon, but Wonwoo was the one who grabbed it.

He dragged you out of the basketball court, leaving the members gaping. You managed to turn and did a sorry face to Vernon who just waved you off while smiling. When you two reached the dorm,Wonwoo locked the door and slammed you against it.

You were too scared to speak, you could feel your lips trembling as you tried to produce some words. Wonwoo had his hands on the door, right next to your face. The stare he was giving you was intimidating, like how it always did when he was met.

The first thing that came to your mind was Wonwoo screaming, shouting into your face. But surprisingly, he only let out a sigh. "Hey,Fariza..Open your eyes,"Wonwoo called out with his low voice. You peeled your eyes opened,not even aware they were closed in the first place.

When your eyes were fully opened, Wonwoo was staring at you but instead of that scary face, it softened. You heaved a sigh of relief and Wonwoo took your hand in his. He shook it lightly and looked down. "I'm sorry.. I guess I actually got..jealous?"

Wait wait,he was apologising? Why was he apologising? You smiled softly. Wonwoo had always tried to control his anger around you, and he did. Well maybe not really before this but... this counts right? Wonwoo looked up from your hand and looked at your eyes.

"Don't worry.. I know, I shouldn't have been so close to Hansol.. I'm sorry too," You said. Wonwoo hugged you tightly. It was making you breathless,but it also made you feel good in a sense. He pulled away, only for him to connect your lips.

His lips busily worked on yours. It was slow, very slow and sweet. You could almost hear some soft background music due to how gentle Wonwoo was being. He held your waist with a gentle grip, everything was gentle. His kiss, his touch. You felt him smile in satisfaction.

You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him closer. The sweet kiss was getting more and more hot, passionate as seconds pass by. None of you wanted to pull away. Wonwoo had you in his big hands and slowly nudged you to his bedroom.

He struggled opening the door, but finally got it open. You were pushed on the bed, and Wonwoo was above you. With his lips still moulding perfectly with yours. After a long, passionate kiss, Wonwoo pulled away and smiled.

Wonwoo lied down next to you and started spooning you. You were curled into a small ball, while Wonwol comfortably had his hands around you. Then again, he tried to talk to you but failed when his phone rung.

A groan emitted from his lips as he reached over to his phone. "Hello?"Wonwoo answered, clearly annoyed. "Nope. Shut up. Bye,I'm ending the call. Bye,BYE. BYE. BYE."You heard him mutter a curse and he placed his phone in the bedside table.

"Who was that?" You asked. Wonwoo pat your arms and answered,"Mingyu. And I think that he grew up too fast." That statement made you blush. Yep,Mingyu. Too fast.

"Let's just sleep together. I need it so badly,"Wonwoo mumbled against your hair and you hummed in reply. While trying to sleep, you couldn't stop thinking about what Mingyu said. As much as you wanted Wonwoo to not get angry..maybe him getting angry was quite a good thing....


Done done done done~~~ Everyday,I'll try to update one scenario and smut at least. If I have more time, I'll try to write more. Heheh. I'm lame okay.

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