And This is Me

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I am a little different from your average kid. Well, for one, I don't live in a house. I live at a summer camp. I go to sleep-away boarding schools every year. I haven't been in a real house in like, I dunno, Gods, a long time. 

I bet you're wondering why I said Gods. Well, let me explain. I guess, I believe in a different, well, religion, if you could call it that. See, I'm all about the Greek gods. You know, Apollo, Zeus, Artemis, Hades, those guys. So I'm going to explain this to you. Kinda like a speech, I'll tell you what I am, then a little add-on that I don't really like, and then a little bit about my life. 

Alright, I'm not human. There's this race see, and they're called Demi-gods. The problems with demi-gods certainly are more than the positives. For one, we'e very vulnerable to monsters, and we can be killed my celestial bronze AND steel. But demi-gods are not what you want to know about. I'm not a demi-god, I wish. I'm a tri-god. What's that? A person who is three quarters godly. My father, he's Apollo, god of music, poetry, healing, archery, the sun and oracles etc etc... My mother was Maria Hanson, daughter of Hades. Hades, Lord of the Dead, is my grandfather. This, not only messing up my family tree spectacularly, gets me a little but Hexed. I'll tell you what that is. 
The Hex, giving their owners the title Hexed One, is a thing that take total control of a person. It's like, I would totally change and become something else. Probably more insane. It can be 'cured' I guess, but I need a child of Nemisis of the opposite gender, so a son. I have yet to find one at this point, so, I'm kinda, in trouble. if you could call something this big trouble. You see, this is my second last year as a free non-teenager, in other words I'm 11. There are two different ways to end The Hex, it can be lifted or it can completed. The concept of 'lifted' isn't that hard to understand. It can be done at any time, and it's when the child of Nemisis decides to not put the Hexed One through the torture of being hexed. It's a kind of chant. I don't really know what it is, but it'll come on instinct to the Child of Nemisis. To complete is the opposite. It can only be done when the hex is in progress. If the hex is completed, it means that the Hexed One remains in their insane state, and much more powerful than if the hex was lifted, and they will bend to the will of the Child of Nemisis, whatever it is and whatever their previous belief was, until the Child of Nemisis is dead. Then they are released into a state of total unknowing. Like, not aware of anything. Kind of like, zombified? That works, ya. Again, it's a chant, and I don't know the words, but they'll come naturally to the Child of Nemisis. I'd rather be lifted, regardless of what cause the Child of Nemisis serves. It's just easier. But I'm supposed to tell you about my life story now, so here I go. 

I was born in Detroit, Michigan. I lived with mom and dad for a long time. It was good, until I was 4 and found out that mom didn't actually love me, because I'm a mistake. Even before the Big Three made their pact, having a tri-god wasn't allowed. Especially having a Hexed One. She didn't love me because she knew she was in trouble, even though because of my tri-god-ness I keep monsters away. This is because I have 3/4 godly blood. I'm going to be immortal after The Hex to. But that's besides the point. This is about my life. So, I found out when I overheard mom and dad arguing. See, Apollo actually likes me. Maria didn't. So I ran away, 'cause she didn't want me in her house. I was 4. By the time I got to Vegas I was 5, and I ran to some Casino that caught me in a time warp. I can't remember the name. So, when I got out, I was 7. Or, I thought I was. In reality, I was 75. That's right, 70 years. Mom was dead, so props to her. But dad got me out and brought me to Camp Half-Blood, where he and Chiron (the camp director guy, leader thing) introduced me to The Hex and the prophecy. You wanna know it? I'll tell you. Here it is: 

A child born of the sun,

With an ancestry of death

And a child born of balance,

Coupled with revenge,

Shall be united in a world of twisting paths.

Both seeking equality,

Though in different forms,

Both shall suffer,

A tragic lovers fate.

There it is. I don't really know what it means at all yet. But I don't like how it looks. Well, I might as well get on with it. Welcome to an insight into my life. 

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