34. My Bed

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Justin stared at me for a moment. 

"Are you saying what I think you're saying?" Justin hinted. There was a knock at the door. He got up and answered it. 

"Hey, what y'all doing? We're ready to go." Scooter informed. Justin looked back at me. I got up from the couch and walked out the room.

An hour later, I was back in my hotel room wondering what was currently floating around Justin's head. We didn't get to finish our conversation and I was anxious for his answer.

I rolled out of my bed and opened my door. I had to go find him. My path was blocked when I saw Sammie in the position to knock on my door.

"Hey. I was just coming to talk to you." Sammie declared. 

"Ok." I moved out of the way for her to enter my room. 

"Where were you going?" 

"To find Justin." I said.

She pouted and nodded. 


"You should go talk to him. I'll see you tomorrow." Sammie headed for the door. 

"No, you came here to talk. Let's talk first, then I'll go." 


There was another knock at the door. I opened it and Justin was standing there with his hands in his pockets. 

"Hi." He greeted shyly. Sammie peeked over. 

"I'll talk to you tomorrow, Marissa. Bye, you guys." She departed the room.

"What's up?" I greeted Justin. 

"We never got to finish our talk." He replied. Goosebumps began to coat my skin. I rubbed my arm trying to smooth them out. He entered my room and sat on my bed.

He kicked off his shoes and got under the cover. 

"Are you joining me?" He smiled. 

"You just come in my room and get comfortable in my bed?" I chuckled. He smirked and moved the blankets on one side of the bed, making room for me.

"Come lay with me." He offered. I stood there looking like a lost puppy. I exhaled unevenly and made my way over. Justin Bieber is in my bed. MY BED! I sat on the bed. Justin grabbed my legs and pulled me closer to him.

"You always do that!" I squealed. 

"Because you act like you don't want to be near me." 

"I do." 

"Then act like it." He stuck out his tongue. I laid my back to his chest and relaxed.

"As you were saying..." He kissed the back of my ear. It tickled. 

"What are you talking about?" 

"Our convo from earlier." He hinted. 

"Oh yea." I looked over my shoulder and up to him.

He waited for me to continue. 

"Um... Eh.. Uh... Hmm..." I was struggling with words. Justin started laughing. 

"Just say it. I wanna hear you say it." He whispered in my ear. I got a shiver. I had to move a bit to relax myself again.

I looked ahead of me. My nerves were definitely getting the best of me today. Justin interlaced our fingers and played with them. 

"I want you." I looked at our hands, then up to him. 

"You have me." He assured. 

"Really?" I asked. He nodded.

I sat up and captured his lips in mine. I rested my hand on his neck. His hand slid to my back, bringing me closer to him. His tongue grazed my bottom lip. I parted my lips and he slid his tongue in my mouth.

My hand slid to the back of his head and deepened our kiss. I pulled away for air and bit my lip while staring at his. 

"You don't have to worry about me being with anyone else. I just want you." His lips spoke.

Our eyes met, I stroked his cheek with my thumb. 

"That's what I wanted to hear." I slowly pecked his lips. My hand slid over his chest, his heart was racing. I glanced to my hand, back to him eyes and smiled.

He kissed my lips again, causing me to giggle. 

"What's so funny." He wrapped his arm around my waist and hid his face in the crook of my neck. "I'm just happy." I pulled the blanket over the both of us.

"That's why I'm here." 

"Do I make you happy" 

"More than you know." I felt his breath against my neck, causing me to faintly gasped. I moved my head, so we were face to face.

"Are you tired?" I whispered against his lips. He nodded. "I'm sleeping here tonight." He grinned. 


"Because you hit your head earlier and I have to make sure you're okay." He slowly closed his eyes.

"I'm fine." My fingers lightly trailed over his jawline. 

"I'm just making sure." He spoke again. I kissed his lips and snuggled into his chest. 

"Thank you." I smiled. He held me tighter. I blissfully fell asleep in the safety of his arms.

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