Chapter Twenty-Three: Breakfast

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Rogue's POV

My heart raced. My breathing became shallow.

I've never had anyone this close to me before.

I really was confused on what my next move was.
I didn't want to ruin anything.

This is going to surely be interesting. Knowing myself of course.

Although, how close we are right now... It was quite comforting, honestly.

The warmth hidden within her chilled skin. I could even slightly feel her heartbeat.
Her fragile-looking hazel eyes staring into mine, causing me to only soften up more. Her cheeks were fluhed a slightly pink and her nose became a bright red due to the cold night air.
"We should go inside." I suggested. A soft smile crept onto both of our reddening faces. Kagura simply nodded and we stepped back inside.
The warmth acted as a blanket, covering our cold bodies.
"Tea?" Her voice was gentle, almost soothing.
"O-Of course." I stuttered, too carried away in my own thoughts. It'd be better if I didn't analyze her like this. But it's easier said than done.
I sighed and walked into the kitchen behind her, taking a seat on a the table.
She placed two mugs down. She seems to be feeling better.
And out of nowhere, she stumbled, knocking over the sugar on the counter, causing the microscopic crystals to completely coat the surface of the area.
Well, let's revise that. I chuckled slightly. "Kagura, are you alright?"
"Yes, I'm quite fine, thank you." Her fce flushed yet again as she sweeped the mess into her hands.
Just as she was going to grab a paper towel, she slightly tripped, causing her to have a slight collision with the counter.
I sighed and walked over to her. "You shouldn't be doing this. It's obvious you haven't recovered." I said, holding her shoulders firmly.
"Hmph." She said stubbornly, looking slightly away.
"Don't act like that." I teased.
She couldn't help but smile slightly, only making me smile in return.
"I'll make the tea. Actually, I'll even make us food. Are you hungry?" I asked.
She nodded simply. "It's to be expected when you haven't eaten in almost a week."
"Oh Kagura..." I whispered.
She nodded and took a seat on the table.
"What do you want?" I asked, making sure my voice was soft.
"An omelet is fine."
I nodded and glanced out the window.
The sky was beginning to turn pink with a dark purple blended into it. The sun was being covered by the light and fluffy clouds. I smiled and stared at the stove, trying to figure out were pots and pans were.
"The pots and pans are in the cabinet beside the stove. Silverware is in the drawer beside the sink, and plates are under the silverware drawer."
I nodded and pulled out a average size pan. Heading over to the fridge to pull out the eggs and other ingredients.
Pouring all the components into the pan, I began to whistle a tune.
She whistled the tune in return.
"You know that song aswell?" Obvious surprise and excitement showed.
"Of course. I knew it since I was little. I've always loved it. I sang it whenever Christmas came around. It gives me a sense of home."
I smiled and stirred the omelet together, slipping it ocassionally.

The dish was finally done and I transfered it onto a small platter, just enough to fit it.

The two of us halved and both took our first bite.
"This is good..." Bliss was shown on her face.
I smirked. "Glad to hear that... Cooking is a hobby of mine... When I'm free, that is."
"Well you're very good at it."
I could feel my heart flutter a bit. "T-Thanks." I managed to stutter.

A few moments passed. "Let's play a game." She said.
I looked at her oddly, not expecting those worlds to come out of her mouth.
"What is it?" I took a bite out of my half of the omelet.
"Each bite we take, we have to ask the other person a question, and vice versa." She grinned.
I nodded, abidding by her game. "I'll start then, seeing as I just took a bite." She nodded and I placed my utencil down.
"Your favourite dish?" I was genuinely curious, and maybe I would cook something for us aswell.
"Mmmm...." She tapped her fork against the plate. "Maybe.... Takoyaki? But ramen is a favourite aswell... So is terayaki chicken... But then there's always the heart-warming miso soup... Oh, the list never ends..." Her face looked so happy, like she was in a completely different universe. She looked quite adorable.
Looks like I'm cooking a large meal.
"Well..." She took a bite from her dish. "It's my turn now... So... Hmm..." She tapped the table with her fingertips. "You're favourite number?"
"Seven." I was going to sip my tea, but quickly realized there was none.
I stood up and located the kettle and placed it on the stove.
I turned up the burner and poured water inside.
The kettle began to whistle and I poured the water into the mugs, the tea bags already set in them.
"Favourite tea?" I took my seat and took another bite.
"I really love green tea and chai." She sipped from her mug.
"Interesting. I quite like earl grey."
She nodded. "I like all of it, but green tea and chai are specifically my favourite."

The conversation carried on for the rest of the night.

All questions were quite simple.

Although it felt nice... And comforting.

By the end, we couldn't help but smile.

We both slumped in our chairs.
"Thank you for cooking, Rogue."
"It's nothing. That was nice, though.
"It truly was."

After, we crept back into bed, not falling asleep though.
We sat up, looking through window, watching the sun rise.
Her head was on my shoulder, hugging one arm and intertwining one of her hands with mine.
Her body was loose and relaxed. No tensity could be sensed.
I ran my hand through her dark, smooth hair.
She gave out a shuddering breath and I stopped.
"N-No..." She said suddenly. "I quite like that..." She seemed shy.
I exhaled in relief and continued to run my hand through her hair.

So.... Does your new life start here Rogue?

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