Kidnappings & annoying jerks

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Do ever have the feeling where you just know something bad is going happen?
Yah well I never had that feeling when physico path bad boy took me to the unknown from the spooky forest. I wonder why it had to be me. Every thing was going just fine but my curious ass just had to know everything. Well let me get back to the point. I never had the the bad feeling at the moment Kai peters picked me up and took me to who knows where but when I woke up anxiety hit me like a truck. I probably wouldn't have woken up if the blinding sun hadn't stabbed my eyes.

"What the fuck? Close the goddamn curtains Jay" I moaned

"there are no curtains and princess it's not Jay" a voice I recognized really well spoke.

" wh-what are you doing here Kai" I managed to breathe out

Seriously I know Kai is bad boy and stuff but I didn't take him for a stalker as well. That's just a whole new level.

"Kit-Kat look around we're not in your room"

What! At the moment I looked around and noticed we were in a room but it definitely wasn't mine, this room was to blank. It had two single beds, one bathroom, a small fridge and tv and boring brown walls and all white bed set. In fact this didn't look like a normal room a person would live in so it couldn't be Kai's.

Wait a minute is this a-a?

"Hotel!!! Holy shit are we in a hotel? Why are we in a hotel? Wait a minute why are you here with me or I here with you?"

"Damn kit-Kat slow down.... And yes technically we're actually in a motel and as for why we're together do you not remember our amazing time last night" he smirked at me

"Wha-what your joking right, I'd never sleep with a annoying jerk like you... Please tell me your joking" I asked on the verge of tears.

Kai just looked at me and then he laughed. Yes laughed! How dare he laugh!

" you actually believed that, no we didn't sleep together believe it or not I have standards too" wow that hurt.

" don't you remember last night... You jogging.... The forest .... Our little game of tag" he continued.

And then it came back to me. I remembered everything. Me jogging, getting lost, two guys fighting, the gun shot, Kai chasing me, Kai taking me!

"You kidnapped me you jerk" I shrieked

"Well I wouldn't call it that"

"But that's exactly what is it"

"I don't know about that"

Is he crazy kidnapping me, I should be  half way to England right now and not  with this egotistical jerk!

"How long are you gonna keep me?"

"As long as I need to" what hell is that suppose to mean

"My parents and brother will find me you know"

"As far as they're concerned your half way to England right now" he said.

How'd he know that. But he was right my parents probably think I'm in plane right now.

"What happens when I don't reach England and they get a phone call saying I'm not there" I say confidently hoping he didn't think about that

"Oh don't worry princess, you know I have a cousin that'd kill for an opportunity like that even if it means she has to be someone she's not so I thought I'd be polite like I am and offer her this amazing opportunity. She should be  half way there by know"He finished.

I had no words.

"What about my luggage, my parents will be suspicious if it's still there"

"Oh you mean those" Kai pointed to the corner of the room where a bunch of suitcases were.

"How?" Was all I could ask

"There are times when friends come in handy" was his answer

"Where are we"

"Way to far from home" seriously did this dude answer all questions with riddles.

I gave him my best 'are you serious face' which seemed to get answer out of me.

"We're in Nebraska"

Nebraska what hell were we doing in Nebraska! I just want to go back home to Los Angeles where I belong.


"Cause kit-Kat you and I are going to New York City"
___________________________Sorry for the long wait guys I feel really bad but I was just busy. But heres chapter six ... Hope u enjoy!!

P.s I'm gonna try to update every week now!


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