Chapter Thirty-One: Super-Girl

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I felt like vomiting as the pain in my stomach clenched once more. Things were moving far too quickly and my heart wouldn't slow. Watching them manhandle Collin's hurt and I didn't think I was going to be able to make it. I left the scene before he could be put in the back of the police cruiser and vaguely felt Kitty behind me as I rushed to the nearest bathroom. She questioned if I was alright and after repeatedly telling her I was fine, I requested to be left alone for a moment only to have her not grant my wish. With a sigh, I knew I needed to pull myself together. No one was benefiting from my panic attack expect for Britney.

There was a vibration in my pocket and I knew if it wasn't Collins it could only be one of two people.

Wade wouldn't be stupid enough to contact me so soon but then again, it was a Wade thing to gloat and while I was glad it wasn't him, I also didn't feel like answering Caroline's twenty questions about Collins. Instead, I answered her first about where I was.

"Did you hear what-"

"Yes." I cut her off with a roll of my eyes when she finally met us outside the bathroom. "And you know like I do that it isn't true. Britney is just a liar."

"I don't know." Kitty crossed her arms. "I hear some pretty weird things about Collins. Plus he's always seemed too...friendly."

I tried not to stare at her as if she'd lost her mind but knew I'd failed when Caroline knit her brows at us both.

I wasn't sure why Kitty was still pissed at me. It wasn't as if she was upset at me. It wasn't as if she was upset with the fact it would end up ruining us both if we got caught. Her concern was the trust. Why didn't I trust her enough to tell her that I was having an affair with my history instructor. Why didn't I trust her to tell her that I'd finally found a reason to want to stick around?

But it wasn't that I didn't trust her, well, most of the time, it was that I didn't want anyone to know for fear it would ruin. The things I loved never stayed around for long and this was just proof that when I wanted something too badly it always ended up hurting me and this was a perfect example.

She wouldn't understand and I didn't waste my breath. Instead, I stayed quiet the entire ride home and when Caroline invited us for a movie in her room I declined my invitation.

I needed to be alone to forget about the situation and I couldn't do that if Caroline was talking about it every five minutes.

But even the television that I'd hoped would be a distraction wouldn't let me forget.

The first channel it was on was the news and they were already covering the story of the alleged High School scandal.

I rolled my eyes at the lead anchors opening statement about trouble brewing at Webster High but when she went on about a brawl I gave the petite woman on the screen my attention.

She showed the video of Collins being escorted and I wondered where she had gotten it. I hadn't noticed a camera crew on the scene but by the shaky video and loud murmurs, I was positive a student had been the source.

Then the camera panned to Britney's father taking angry strides towards Collins and I knew he was going to strike out before it happened.

His fist connected with the eye that Collins had just recovered from and I flinched at the impact along with the person holding the cellphone.

There were shocked groans and laughter coming from the students and when the video cut off I wondered if Collins had fought back. He hadn't been cuffed but with the two judgmental cops there I wondered if they'd let Mr. Austin beat the crap out of him.

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