Parcival crushed the score scroll and threw it down onto the ground

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Parcival crushed the score scroll and threw it down onto the ground. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. That's what you get betting all your gold on the gray team! He figured that if they were going to be waiting several hours they should do it with pouches filled with coin!

He waved at Han, who was working his way around the dome shaped area. The poor guy kept getting squashed next to the dome walls by the larger spectators. He almost leapt up to help him, but Han managed to wriggle out and sit next to him on the wooden bench.

"I couldn't find the Snap dogs you wanted, but I did find us some Honeyed wolf strips." Han handed him a tall earthen mug filled with the golden brown sticky sweet sticks.

They weren't really made from wolf meat, as many foreigners would think. They were farmed off of Honey wolf trees. The bark oozed with sugars when it was ripe. It was hard keeping wolves, bugbears, and the occasional spider nab away. But wolves, especially they were drawn to the sweets, making them difficult to harvest.

"Thanks." He pulled out a strip and chewed on it, the texture was a touch like dried meat, but then it dissolved and the sweet honey ran down his throat.

"We should get back soon." Han said while eating a strip.

"She'll be fine, she is with my father, he won't let anything happen to her, besides from what I've seen so far she can take care of herself. We'll go back after this game. We've been run ragged for months now and it's time for a break. It's not like the world is going to end in the next half hour." He watched the two orbs just pass each other, by a dragons breath.

"Dang it! Come on silver team get that orb!" He stood up and yelled this at them before sitting down. Watching these games when he was a young boy with his father were some of his happiest memories. When his father patted him on his back for catching the wayward orb ball, he knew he had made him proud. That was before he knew about why these games were held.

"Well, ten minutes can't hurt." Han jumped up on the bench and yelled with him.

While children and adults played this game, this one was not intended for children. The teams had no names; people went with the colors of the uniform alone. They also had no safety equipment to protect from injury. Anyone that was found to have broken this city's law had the choice of playing a game of orbringer or-being executed.

All criminals that he's known of have chosen to play the game, even though loosing meant death for that team. The winners, however were granted a five year reprieve, along with a chance to atone for their mistakes. He thought it was fair, most of the time.

He tapped the bench seven times, as the orbs streaked buy each other. The green orb almost crashed into the silver one that time. The silver team took control of their orb and willed it out to the middle of the field, their orb just floated there. What are they doing?

The green orb came back around, went straight up into the air and was aimed right at the silver one. The silver head had their orb pull backwards a second before the green one smashed into it. Instead the green orb carved out a long gouge into the grass.

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