Hi I'm Charlotte I'm 13 years old and I live in London, When I was 7 my mother died of cancer and my so called 'father' thought it was all my fault and from that day on he would hit me if I asked a simple question or did something wrong, on my 9th birthday I was in my room when I spotted a small shard of glass in the corner, I crawled over to it praying that I wouldn't be heard and I picked it up, I examined it for a second and I slowly brought it down to my wrist and in one swift motion I swiped it across and from that day on I found my new stress reliever,on my tenth birthday my Father had began to explore my body in sexual ways and it hurt so much I let out a blood curdling scream, I guess I must have screamed really loudly because before I knew it the police were taking my father away but not before he screamed "I will find you Charlotte and I will kill you" and from that day on I have

never trusted a man.

on the day that my father got arrested I was taken to miss rondas orphange, I hated it here so much no one liked me they all hated me and they would say stuff to me.

**present time****


she hated me so much because I was difficult but I couldn't help that could I ?.


I got no reply so I assume that she had gone to make the younger ones breakfast.

I walked over to my mirror my short brown hair falling around my shoulders and my piercing green eyes staring back at me, I sighed know that what everyone one said was true I was an ugly and worthless, I ran to the bathroom and grabbed my razor and slid it across my wrist two times whilst saying "one for being ugly and one for being worthless" I grabbed a bandaged and covered my arms I stood back up brushed my teeth and walked over to my wardrobe, I only had about 3 outfits and one pair of battered black converse, I finally decided on a pair of black jeans and a long sleeved white shirt with a burgundy jumper.

I made my way downstairs and immediately earning a slap from one of the older girls here "did you sleep well bitch" Jessie said , I felt tears forming in my eyes but I held them back and I walked straight past her she just scoffed and called me a slut.

I sat down and was given breakfast but bi wasn't hungry so I slipped it to Anna's plate, Anna was 6 and her parents left her here when she was 3 she looked at me and whiperd "thank you" I just smiled and walked back to my room about 2 hours later I heard miss Ronda screaming at all of us to come downstairs because there are some people here to adopt, as much as I didn't want to go down I had to so I walked out of my room to see Jessie stating in the hallway jumping up and down going "OMG IS ONE DIRECTION ,HARRY WILL YOU MARRY ME" I looked at her she had on the shortest skirt in history and she calls me a slut?

when I got down I walked past her and she looked at me _why are you down here they would never want as slut like you" here remark had made me so angry I ran upstairs crying I grabbed my diary and began to write

Dear Diary

I woke up this morning to miss ronda screaming at me to get up I had finished getting dressed and I walked downstairs only to be welcomed by a slap, I knew it was Jessie urgg I hate her so much, so anyway about five minutes ago we were told that some people where here to adopt and when I got downstairs I walked past Jessie and she said to me "why are you heere they would never adopt a slut like you" this made me so angry I ran up the stairs crying and here I am, I've got to go I hear footsteps I got to go

-Charlotte x

Louis POV

simon called us up saying that we are going to be adopting a child I was so excited

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