Meeting the hosts

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First of all some stuff you might need in this book:

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(L/N) - Last name
(F/C) - Fav color
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(E/C) - Eye color
(H/C) - Hair color
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[Your pov]

"(Y/N)~ it's time fooor school~" I hear a soft voice whisper.
"No thank you" I mumble.
"I've made pancakes~" Haruhi says softly.
"Really? With (Favorite topping)?" I ask while slowly opening my heavy eyelids.
"Of course" She says giggling.
"Okidoki" I answer sitting up in my bed.

Haruhi leaves my bedroom while I get out of bed. I yawn and strech my sleepy body. I look at my closet and see that Haruhi has left two school uniforms. I look at the yellow pregnant lemon. Is that the girls uniform??? Oh hell nah! I'm not wearing that so called "uniform". I look to the left and see another uniform. Is that the boy's uniform? I'll have that one instead... I take the uniform and put my short haired wigg. Yes I'm a crossdresser... But it's just because I like being a guy! I then head out from my bedroom towards the kitchen and grab some pancakes. I can hear faint muffling and whispers behind me. I turn around with a blank face and see dad and Haruhi hiding something behind their backs.

"What are you hiding?" I ask while chewing on the pancakes I have in my mouth
"Here, this is for you" Dad says handing me a small (F/F) colored box.
"What's this for?" I ask him with a hint of curiousity in my voice.
"We know how much you miss mom so we bought you this" Haruhi says and smiles.

I open the small box and see a golden locket. I open it to see a picture of me, mom, dad and Haruhi. I smile and feel a tear escape from my eyes. I give dad and Haruhi a big hug and then sipe the tear away. After breakfast me and Haruhi head to school. She has been here before so she decided to give me a tour.

"Wow this school is so big" I say and look around.
"Yeah they should make us maps so we could find our classrooms" She jokes.
"How much time do we have left?" I ask her.
"An hour? I think, we did come pretty early" She says.

Why did we leave so early...
Suddenly a group of girls walks up to us. They smiles brightly at Haruhi and then looks at me with curiousity in their eyes.

"Haruhi-chan~ Who's this?" A girl with brown long hair asks.
"My name is (Boy name) Fujioka" I answer and wink.
"I think it's the new commoner" A girl with blonde curly hair answers.
"He's kinda hot~" A red haired girl squeals.
"I wounder if he's gonna join the host club?" The brown haired says.
"I hope so~" The blonde one says.
"Sorry girls but we gotta go now" Haruhi says dragging me away.

I wave to the girls who nearly faints. Wow, these girls are so unaware. I chuckle at the sight and look over at Haruhi. She just smiles and rolls her eyes at me. She drags me with her to a music room. It's the abonned music room. I stare at it's pink giabt doors before Haruhi opens the door. Rose petals sails into my face and my mouth. Haruhi laughs at me and I just grunt.

"Weah weh, ish no wath wunny" say muffling.
"We- Oh it's just you" A voice says.

I turn towards the voice and see six boys standning infront of us. I spit out the petals and look at them confused.

"Who's that?" Two red haired twins asks pointing at me.
"This? This is-" Before Haruhi can finish her scentence the blond boy interrupts her.
"(Boy name)? I've heard so much about you" The blonde one says smiling.
"Hi, it's nice meeting you" I say bowing.
"You know you don't have to be so polite (Boy name)" Haruhi says.
"Oh... Okay" I answer.
"My name is Tamaki my prince~ And this is Kyoya, Mori, Honey, Hikaru and Kaoru" The blonde one says.

I smile at them and then look around. Is this supposed to be a musicroom??? There's no intruments here! I ask them I they got any instruments in here but they just shake their heads. This is were they have the host club so they don't have any use for instruments. I sigh and shake my head.

"Do you want to join our club?~" Honey asks me.
"Me? I don't know, I need my free time to train my music skills" I say and sigh.
"I'm pretty sure Haruhi would be pretty happy if you'd join the club, she would need your help with the 8 billion yen" Kyoya says smirking.
"Haruhiiiii!" I whine. "What did you do now???"
"I kinda broke a vase..." She says while poking her fingers together.
"God you're so clumsy" I say with an anime sweatdrop.

I look up at the boys and sigh. I'll join... But only because of Haruhi... I tell them my decission and Tamaki lights up in a smile. He hugs me and strokes my hair. I won't last a day here... Tamaki starts to talk about types. I look at him and ask him what type I'll be. He sighs and grubbles.

"I know! You'll be the seductive one" He exclaims.

I am the what now???


*Appears in a cloud of pink*
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