Yes you hoe

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Jay: Where am ( I mumbled)

????: With me babes

Me: da fuck is u

????: u dont remember me bae

Me: nope

????: high school..

Me: nope

????:left me for....

Me: doesn't ring a school bell

????: We hate each other

Me: nope

?????: Don't remember me lemon

Me: yes I remembers u

Lemon: yea

Me: why am I here

Lemon: babes your mine now.

Me: can't I'm married with aner ya know been together since high school.

Lemon: We were perfect till she came along.

Me: we didnt though

Lemon: um yes we did though.

Flash Back
Me: hey aner

Ray: Hey A

Me: hay B and C

Chres: hey A

Me: any ways wat up with u
Aner: hanging with the gang gang.

La'shay: turn up

Chres: Fuck it up

Ray: aye

Chres: yass I sed fuck it

Ray: aye yass yass

La'shay: y'all niggas is retarted as fuck.

Me: Hug

Aner: yea

( hugs each other)

Lemon: aye this is my man
So get your own

Prod: aner I kn u anit letting her talk to u like that
( Cory shoves prod)

Ray: wat he said (Makaila elbows him)

Aner: y'all dont go together

Lemon: we do though

La'shay: aner...

Aner: such a instagater

Chres: were insta happy to see lemon bout to get dog walked by u

Reggie: damn

Lemon: after school my house.

Aner: I dont go to dogs dog hoes come to me

Boys: Damn

Lime: ( pronounced as lim)
Anit no ones

Rashberr'e: ( Rash Berri)

Grap'e: huh

La'shay: aner got her damn goons too

Cory: sho the fuck do anit she wack bouta to go down while Cory here dafuq

Makaila: right frog jump

Lashaun: I'd be damn if a bitch tried to take down my bitch.

Me: Two hunet againsted one cause y'all how's can't fight

Prod: damn

Boys: Jerry Jerry Jerry Jerry

Reggie: beat that ass

Flash back over

Me: we didnt go out

Lemon: did too I beat that hoe ass

Me: one you didnt two aner started to swing on you you slipped on Reggie's Nike flip flop cause he was playing to much play fighting saleem
Three aner had the adasaty to let you up and u ran up on her and still got yo ass beat upon four aner accidentally sent yo dumb ass to the hospital five u still have the adasaty to run yo damn mouth and aner crazy almost sent u to cardiac arrest from severe punch attacks

Lemon: Rashberr'e almost beat up Lashaun

I rolled my eyes and just sat their puzzled knowing aner crazy ass bout to come here in about a week just to see if I'm here and flip the fuck out because one lemon's here two I have a big scar on my neck three because I'm not at home lemon better hope she's not dead when bae get here bruh cause aner scant.

Thanks for reading their will be another chapter when I have 3 votes on my last first and this chapter also some comments on my book would be needed foreal though.

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