Ryder stepped out of the limo, quickly followed by Hunter. They stood on the curb of a pretty manicured front lawn that surrounded a tall red brick building. Ryder stared at the place confused, before tapping on Georges window. 
"Yes sir?" Said the driver, keeping a professionally clear face. 
"Why are we at an orphanage?" Ryder asked, gesturing to the sign that sat above the front door of the red brick building. 
"This is the address sir." George replied. Ryder's brows furrowed as he span around to look at the building. Down the side, he caught sight of a paved drive way that ended with 3 cars parked side by side. He noticed their secretaries car among them. 
"Well, this is it apparently." Ryder said to Hunter, who was nodding along. They boys began to understand their PA a little more as they strolled along the cement path. They began to realise a few things that they had missed before, such as her clothing whilst professional, was not always flattering or in style, her car was older and she hadn't wanted to purchase the clothing today, despite the boys knowing that she was paid more than enough. 

Ryder stepped to the door, where he could hear laughing coming from and raised his hand to knock on the wood. Annabel's presence was confirmed by the tinkling of her beautiful laugh. With a quick couple of raps the inside of the building went quiet, before the whispers and giggles started. The door swung open and Ryder could have sworn that a real life goddess had set down in front of them. Hunter was looking at her with equal astonishment before collecting himself and stepping forward. 
"Good evening, Annabel." She smiled at them, took the evening bag that was being handed to her before spinning and opening her arms for a little girl. 
"Now, make sure you go to bed without any trouble." She smiled down at the girl, tapped her nose and stood, gesturing for the men to go first as she gave a small wave at the crowd that had gathered. A few of the older people stood with their mouths open, obviously stunned at who had been picking up Annabel. They knew she had worked for some big shot, but they had not been expecting the White brothers.  

Annabel followed the gorgeous men back to the waiting limo, thoroughly checking out the scrumptious behinds as she walked. She was glad she had not put anything on her arms, as it was very hot, but she did worry that the twins would think it unprofessional of her, so she resigned herself to ask once they were in the limo. 
"You look beautiful." Ryder spluttered, as he held the door open for Annabel. It had been the first thing he could even get out of his mouth and it had obviously shocked him as much as it shocked Annabel. 
"Thanks." She laughed nervously, rubbing the back of her neck a little before sliding in to the car after Hunter. 

Ryder shook his head a little, as if it would snap him out of his daze. He entered the cab and shut the door, indicating to George that it was clear for driving. 
"So, with the meeting tonight what are somethings that we will be discussing?" Annabel asked, her voice steely and professional as she tapped on her iPad. 
"Business merger. We plan to take over a couple of smaller hotels called Quaro. High stakes and we must impress them. Will you be able to remember what is said tonight? 3 memories are better than one." Hunter gave her a shocking grin, causing Annabel's heart to beat in her throat. They were so damn gorgeous, it should be illegal. 

Hunter leaned forward to rummage through a brief case that sat between his feet, he produced two emerald green bow ties and handed one to his brother and set about tying his own. Annabel watched amused as the boys fiddled with the piece of cloth, trying to twist them into presentable bows, but failing badly. 
"Good god, I will do it." Annabel said, appalled at the lack of skill the twins were demonstrating. 
"Didn't you ever learn how to tie one of these?" She asked, sliding forward on the seat slightly and reaching forward to take control of Hunters bow. Quickly she fixed his up, her long fingers threading the material before she gave him a pat on the chest and turned to fix Ryder's. 

Leaning in close, their cologne seemed wrap around her and cloud hear senses. She tied the bow and smiled, looking up at Ryder, pleased with her work. She hadn't realised she had moved so close that his face was just inches away. If she even moved forward a tiny bit, their noses would be touching, but Annabel was caught in his eyes, openly staring at the Adonis. She felt warmth surround her as Hunter pressed himself to her back, completely clouding her senses. Her dress was backless so the silk of Hunters shirt was pressed into her soft skin, allowing her to feel each button tickle against her in an erotic creation of goosebumps.   

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