A young girl walked though the forest outside of the kingdom. She wore a orange and red dress which dragged against the dirt path. She carried a small wicker basket which carried content which was a mystery to all. She hummed as she walked though the dark trees who's leaves rustled in the breeze. Small creatures would scatter off the path as the girl walked tough. Her dark red hair waved in the breeze. It looked like a picture perfect fairy tale scene but as the girl walked a feeling of her being watched crept on her. Her hairs stood on end. Her hand entered the wicker basket as her eyes scanned the bushes. Suddenly a man dressed in black clothes and a green bandanna came from behind her and covered the girls mouth. She tried to scream for help but the mans grip on her mouth was too tight. He pulled a small knife from his pocket and placed it next to her neck. 

"Give us the goods princess or feel the wrath of the creepers" He hissed into her ear as two other men with the same appearance appeared from the bushes. The girls eyes widened as they approached. One of the men took the wicker basket and pulled out the tiara which lay inside. He waved it at the man holding the girl. The other man then fell to the floor, an arrow stuck in his chest. A man dressed in purple came down and slit the next mans neck taking the tiara off him. The man in purple studied it. His mask covered his face other than his eyes. His eyes shone purple. His eyes layed on the struggling girl and large man. 

"Hello Enderborn." Said the large man. The enderborn looked at the red haired girl and his eyes widened.

"You do realised who that girl is?" The enderborn said pointing at the girl.

"She's just a girl." He said pulling the knife closer to her neck. 

"That's Princess Zoeya." The enderborn said. The girls golden eyes narrowed and she pulled a knife from her pocket and stabbing the man in the leg making him loose his grip and stubble backwards. The princess took the knife off the man and pulled out a hidden bow and arrow that she hid in her dress, she aimed it at the large mans chest. 

"Tell me who sent you and I'll let you live." She yelled in his face.

"It was Prince Sjin and Prince Sips! They told me to get the crown and then kill who ever was delivering it."

"Well i was not delievring it as it is my tiara." She said. "Scram." She said kicking him and pulling her bow away. The man jumped up clumsily and ran away. The enderborn held the tiara in both hands and scanned it with his purple eyes. 

"Oy!" The princess shouted. "That's mine." The enderborns eyes moved to the princesses. His eyes became playful.

"What if I want to keep it?" He asked. The princess aimed her bow to the enderborn. He chuckled at her accuse of weapon. "Give it your best shot." She let go of the arrow and the enderborn disappeared into a shimmer of purple dust. The princess watched as it floated to the ground and disappeared. She suddenly felt warm breath of her neck. 

"Arrows don't work on me princess." He whispered in her ear, the princess shivered as his breath tickled her neck. He pulled away chuckling. The princess turned towards the enderborn.

"Whats your name enderborn?" She asked. He looked at the tiara once more and sighed.

"There is no need for you to know my name princess." He said. "I'm no hero. I only saved you because i was hired to assassinate those creeps. Im gonna have to find the other guy as you let him go. Here have it"  The enderborn threw the tiara at the princess she caught it with ease and placing it in the wicker basket. 

"Who says you saved me? I could've handled it myself." She protested while hiding her bow and arrow within her dress. The enderbon chuckled once more as he pulled the two bodies into the bushes. 

"Yeah right. You would've got yourself killed." He said brushing himself off.

"Fine. One on one battle right now no fooling around with teleporting." She said clenching  her fists. The enderborn looked at the determination on this girls fists. "Don't go easy on me because I'm a girl." She pulled her red hair back into a pony tail showing a blonde strand of hair.

"Okay fine but how are you going to move around in that dress of yours?" He asked removing his weapons from his belt. She pulled off the dress revealing a tank top and a pair of cargo shorts. Her arm had a tattoo wrapping around it. The enderborns eyebrows raised at her appearance. She pulled out some goggles from her wicker basket and placed them on her head.

"A girls gotta look stylin'." She said winking at him.  His eyes smiled. "Lets do this!" She yelled charging towards him. He stood there with his arms folded and as she closed in he moved swiftly away. She knew this was going to happen so she grabbed his arm and span around waking him in the face with her boot. She stood behind him with her hand holding onto his warm skin. The enderborn pulled her onto his shoulder carrying her. 

"Hey!" She yelled as his arm wrapped around her body and arms while she lay on his shoulder. Her legs kicking him in the face multiply times. She finally managed to kick him where the sun doesn't shine making him curl over in pain. She smirked and knelt in front of him.

"Give up?" She asked. He started to laugh and leaped at him pinning her to the floor.

"Give up princess?" He asked as his knees pinned down her legs and his hands her arms. 

"God damn it." She said trying to set herself free by wiggling. She looked up at the enderborn and had an idea. 

"You know Enderborn you're kinda cute." She said moving her head closer. His eyes widened confusion and shock. She slipped her hand from under his weakening hand. Her hand cupped the enderborns face as she leaned in even more. They could both feel each others breath on their faces. She smirked at him then pulled all of her limbs from under him and slid out quickly. The enderborn snapped back into reality and he pulled himself up.

"I win!" The princess yelled grabbing her dress and the wicker basket. "Seduction is the key." She said winking at him. The enderborns face was bright red even if only part of it was showing. 

"I guess you win." He said giving up. The princess started to walk away. "Rythian." He yelled after her. She span around.

"What?" She asked in confusion.

"My names Rythian Enderborn. Until we meet again princess" He disappeared in a puff of purple dust leaving the princess smiling at her victory. 

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