Chapter Eight» A Tale Of The Desert

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A wise man had once said ' Silence is the greatest weapon one can posses'. The thought of staying silent when being provoked is the greatest challenge on its own.

I didn't know whether I acted upon my wisest thought or my dumbest actions by staying silent when Omar had questioned me.

The utter mortification I shielded myself with couldn't prevent his curious eyes. The way his large form laid back against the wooden chair; in the restaurant didn't help either. It was as though he was teasing me, provoking me to say something I shouldn't be. The lanterns across the ceilings of the restaurant gave no bonus points my way either; instead it showed the horrified look on my face as he interrogated me, further. Nonetheless I couldn't be more happier as the waiter had brought our food and just as fast as the waiter came, in the same speed he had disappeared leaving me with the man, I called my husband.

" I.. I don't know. I apologise" I had whispered back to him. Hoping he would drop the touchy subject and discuss it at home though knowing Omar. When he wants something; he'll have it that moment, no matter what.

I didn't know why I felt intimidated by him. Was it the dark look he held in his eyes; or the secrets that seemed to be locked deeply inside them; or was it the way he carried himself. With great confidence and authority. I didn't know but, I knew one thing for sure. Omar wasn't a man to be messed with and somehow Hana had done just that.

My worried filled  thoughts vanished the very moment I heard a deep chuckle vibrate from him. I didn't know whether to be astonished by him or by the fact that the waiter beside us dropped the jug filled water earning gasps from the person passing by. My traitorous eyes had travelled towards his dark ones; seeing them calm. His forehead that was always creased in to frown now looked relaxed as he moved forward, drinking his water.

" You are something else" he had muttered and somehow with him saying those words we fell in to a comfortable silence. Neither him saying anything and neither me saying anything.

The trip back to his house had also been quite comfortable and even though I had tried my best not to fall asleep. It seemed as though my body couldn't take anymore. The last thing I remembered before I had fallen in to a blissful sleep was strong arms wrapping around my body. And a silent whisper in Arabic being lullabied.

Taking a deep breath I focused my mind on the small patterns against the green prayer Matt. The soft breeze from the open windows had comforted itself inside my room as a loud knock erupted throughout. Making me tense.

" Come in" I spoke softly seeing a middle aged woman walk inside. Her long brown dress fitting loose against her form as she stepped forward; the brown of her eyes kind and caring.

When I had woken up this morning; I was instantly greeted with the aromatic smell of pancakes and tea. My surprise had further increased as the petite woman who now walked inside the room, offered me some clean clothes. She was an absolutely beautiful woman with a heart of gold.

In the few hours I knew her, I had the knowledge of her Name which was Mariam and that she was from South Africa. She was married for twenty-two years to her Husband and She also happens to be one of the best cooks I had come across.

" Naina ...your brother is on the phone" Came the soft voice behind me as I finished praying my Zuhur Namaz. The second of the five prayers. Smiling at her I rose up; slowly folding the prayer Matt. Placing it against  the large queen sized bed.
I turned towards the woman in front of me and took the phone from her hand.

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