Zayn quivered with excitement as him and Louis walked back into the clinic. The nurses at the front desk smiled and a few 'awes' sounded. People still got jittery when they saw the two together, being affectionate.

Liam was already here but Harry and Niall hadn't been able to make it. The little irish man had woken up sick this morning.

On the phone, Harry had been kneeling behind him in the floor behind the toilet. He said Niall was feeling sick.

They came to Dr. Adams to find Jamie was also there, a smile on her pretty face.

"Hey Jamie", Louis waved when he walked in. He was so excited they had found the right one. Zayn had been kept awake that night from Louis constant squirming.

"Hey guys", she smiled.

"Ditto", Liam grinned and flipped his hair at them. It was his way of saying good morning.

Zayn took the seat beside Jamie and drug his husband into his lap. Louis leaned into him and smiled at the doctor.

"Noce to see you all again", the older man smiled," But... Aren't we missing two?"

"Harry and Niall", Louis looked at him," Niall wasn't feeling to good this mornig so Hazz kept him at home to help him feel better."

"Send them my regards", Dr. Adams smiled," Now, why we're all here. I need togo over some palers with you three. All the legal affairs, money, everything. We need to settle this today and we can get started."

He pulled out a sheet of copy paper and pushed it to Jamie. "This is for you. Its simply saying that once the child is born, you relinquish all rights to it. As soon as it takes its first breath, it belongs to Zayn and Louis."

Jamie smiled and looked it over. All she really wanted to do was jump for joy. She was finally going to be able to make something of herself. Being trapped in a group home for seven years didn't exactly make you a top notch person.

A question was nagging in the back of her mind. Would they still let her have the child if they found out she was poor? That she didn't have a real home or any sort of family? When she had heard of the Malik's need for a child, hope had risen in her. She knew she would be getting paid and money is what she needed most. Why not help them out in the process by giving them a child? They were wonderful people.

"I understand", she smiled," But I need to say something. I should har told you guys this the other day but you were so happy.. I couldn't. I'm well.. I don't have a real home or family. I don't have money to support my own child... And.. Well, I didn't want you to know because.... I need this as much as you guys do. You want a child and I need money.... I want to put myself through school..." She broke off and looked at her hands, unable to continue.

Liam remained quiet while he looked at Louis. At first, confusion had clouded the mans face but it cleared quickly. "Jamie..." He reached out one small hand and laid it on hers," You really think thats going to change our minds? We've wanted this for so long and your perfect for us.."

"But... I'll have to stay in the home and its awful there an-...."

Zayn cut her off. "You really think we're going to let you stay there?" Dr. Adams had given them Jamie's file to look over so they knew her whole story. "Jamie, you silly woman, your going to live with us."

Green eyes widened with surprise. "Oh.. Zayn, thank you but no... I can't do that to you guys.."

"Nonsense", Louis smiled. They had talked everything over the night before. There home had two extra rooms and an extra bathroom. They weren't using it, and it what better way to keep an eye on her and there child than having her in the same house? "Your staying with us. We won't take no for an answer."

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