Chapter 16

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December 19, 2035. 14:11. Salish Sea, en route to Cascadia Nation.

Raining. Seas calm. Taking break from inventory; League plundered Charlotte. Still taking stock of losses. They blew safe with plastique. Assholes. If Lessing had wiped my drive, would've pissed on his corpse.

No serious damage to Charlotte; picked up truck on way to boat. Losses represent 1-2 months of scavenging work. Despite setbacks, Vancouver Island lucrative in unexpected way, moving research forward two years or more. Lessing had data I've been looking for; campus he'd set himself up in was working on cure during Doom outbreak. Other scavenging plans set aside in favor of lab work.

Many events to disseminate and log. Still processing. Will include separate entry detailing events. Everything since idiot kid named after canning company showed up.


Wind has picked up and sea is getting choppy. Still, has been good winter. Mild. Weather patterns still re-stabilizing after seventeen years of zero emissions.

Had been meaning to measure ice shelf. Will have to wait until I can test out cure. Certain Regan will not complain; she hates the cold.

She seems to hate everything lately, including me. Appears her teenage rebellion started late. Thought perhaps I'd been lucky to have daughter rational enough to control hormone-driven responses. Was mistaken. Her interest in boys is waxing. Suspect her refusal to see reason when dealing with League was more personal statement than careful consideration of facts.

Getting ahead of myself. League and Vancouver Island to be logged separately.

Regan is becoming independent person. Bittersweet feeling for me.

20:33 Dock along former Washington State coast.

Moored for evening. Regan still sulking. Not sure if brooding at me, or loss of music archive. Said she scoured League and couldn't find. Reminded her of backup at home. Response was deep scowl. At least we are talking.

Inventory of losses complete. As follows:


Fridge contents

Potted plants: basil, tomato, onion, garlic, rosemary

Potato bed

Spice box

Seed box

Tools, etc.

Wire box

All duct tape

Battery box

3 gas cans (full), 2 propane canisters

Water purification tablets & filters

Toiletry box

Medicine Box & first aid kits


Portable stove

Mason jars (irony)

Gun oil


Ammo box

Hunting knife, skinning knife, filet knife, chef's knife



Ceremonial Katana

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