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Pen Your Pride


Ella Stevens is an abandoned, lonely, 17 year old, she is strong, and hard willed, yet sweet, and sensitive, she sings and plays guitar. She has Bright blue eyes and long caramel brown hair that reaches her mid back. She lives with her Best friend, both of her parents left 3 years ago and never came back.


The whole world was dark, eerie, and had a suffocating feel to it. I had this dream all the time. Almost every night. The suffocating. The darkness. The chasing. In these stupid dreams that haunted my sleep, there was always someone chasing me. Some dark hooded man. I began to squirm and thrash, in my sleep. "Ella, Ella, Ella" The man shouted after me. I continued to ran, faster, and faster. Tears streaming down my face. My heart twisting in agony."ELLA, ELLA,ELLA!" The chanting rang on. Suddenly out of nowhere I was shaken violently.

My eyes snapped open. I wiped at my eyes and felt moisture. i wiped the few stray tears away, and glanced at the edge of my bed, where my best friend, Shaylee, sat with a worried expression plastered on her face.

"El?" she whispered quietly "Are you alright?" Shay was so sweet, and innocent, she never did anything wrong.Ever.

"I'm fine Shay, just a nightmare." I mumbled tiredly.

"The same one? Again?"

I nodded slowly, then glanced at the clock next to my bed. It was 6:30. Shay must have been in here to wake me up for school and heard my screaming.

"Alright...well we need to get ready for school" She smiled softly at me. The WE need to get ready for school was her polite way of saying, I'm ready for school so you need to get ready too.

"Kay" i mumbled again, and climbed out of my bed.

"I'll wait downstairs" she said nodding to herself, before clicking the door shut behind her. I groogily made my way over to my closet and pulled out a Black tank top, a pair of skinny jeans, black ankle boots, sunglasses, black and silver bangles, and a black hat. I also grabbed my messenger bag, before running downstairs.


When got downstairs i walked into the kitchen, quite loudly i might add. Shay's mom looked up from washing the dishes and sighed. "Ella, could you please try to look normal?" She asked exsasperated.

"This is normal" I stated simply. Shay giggled sweetly from the table.

" I mean look at Shaylee!" Her mother, Lidia, continued. I glanced at Shay she was wearing a pink and white floral dress with ruffled platform heels, a rose beaded necklace, and pink and brown earrings, with a rose, white and brown clutch.


"Mom we just have diffrent styles!" Shay said sweetly.

"And personalities" Lidia mumbled before going back to washing the dishes. I rolled my eyes before looking at Shay.

"Ready to go?" I asked. She nodded and ran to sink to give her mother a kiss on the cheek.

"Bye mom" Shay called from the door.

"Bye Shaylee, Ella"

I sighed and began to walk out the door when Shay nudged me. I rolled my eyes and called a grumpy "Bye" to Lidia.

When we got outside we climbed into Shay's car, and sped off towards Hell, also known as school.

(car and Shaylee:

(Lidia and Ella:


Alrighty guys let me know what you think!!

Love You All <3

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