Lightskin Guys With Pretty Eyes

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Tayla top left, Diana top right, Kenan middle left, Amya middle right, Leah bottom left , and Kent bottom right

**** December 23rd ****

~ Cari ~

"I was thinking for the longest, like why the hell she got a dick?" Kyron squinted and we laughed.

He was telling us about the time he almost had sex with a transgender, as I made breakfast for everyone, even though it was almost two in the afternoon.

"Then that's not a transgender, she still a nigga." Cordell chuckled.

"I don't care. I still fought him or her." Kyron shrugged as I sat his plate in front of him. "Ay, you go La Corbin Blue!"

"Le Cordon Bleu?" I giggled as he dug in and I gave Jayda her plate also.

"I sholl was tryna double dutch with Corbin Bleu when I was ten though," Jordyn gladly took her plate as I handed it to her.

"Right girl, he could jump in this," Jayda laughed and Cordell side eyed her.

"And my fist can jump in yo throat, watch it." Cordell warned and I placed the pancake, bacon, and egg filled plate in front of him.

I carried Kelly and I's plates to the couch and patted his cheek as he nodded off, waking him up, and we began eating.

"Cari, you ready to see Kenan?" Jayda teased.

"Oo yeah," Jordyn joined in.

"I don't wanna see him." I said though gritted teeth.

"Chill, no need to turn red." Kyron laughed.

"Who's Kenan?" Cordell and Kelly asked simultaneously.

"The bootleg version of you. He's your height, bluish green eyes, plays basketball. Only difference, he's even nicer than you, Kelly." Jayda giggled.

"It don't get nicer than me, he gay." Kelly spooned cheese eggs into his mouth.

"He is not, Cari knows he's not." Jordyn giggled as I got up to put my dish in the sink.

"Shut up!" I shoved her hard as hell, tossing my plate in the dishwasher.

"Ouch meanie," she pouted.

"We gotta go in a minute." 'Dell checked his watch. "Our flight leaves in a hour."

"Nigga we gotta go now." Kelly stood up and put his plate where I put mine.

Our bags were already in the car, and we were going to Atlanta for Christmas, to spend it with Jordyn, Jayda, and I's parents.

"Ion really feel like it, can I reschedule my fligh-"

"No nigga," Jordyn cut Kyron off.

Knowing Kyron would take at least ten minutes on purpose, I decided to go do my makeup in Kelly's bathroom.

I smoothed my Nars foundation over my face with a stipple brush as Kelly walked in and stared at me. I contoured and highlighted, and when I looked back up he was still staring.

"Yes?" I leaned in and angled my eye, making perfect eyeliner wings.

"You sure there's something you're not telling me?" he asked as I coated my eyelashes with mascara.

"I'm fine." I gave him a fake smile.

I didn't get much sleep last night due to me constantly having nightmares about the incident that happened a year ago today.

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