Night's Tale

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The iridescent moon loomed over the mysterious town of Covenfall, with the feather-like clouds riding the silent starry night. A figure leapt from rooftop to rooftop, with every agile acrobatic feat, the footsteps no more than a whisper, caught only by the autumn winds as the town slept soundlessly in the silent eerie night. 

Cloud-grey eyes stared out from under the dark knitted hat; filled with determination. The left long-sleeve of his green-striped polo shirt was ripped off, the leg pants of his jeans were partly stained with dried mud. Behind him, a laughter howled in insanity; someone or something was following him with great speed that exceeds any human. 

"Give up, Werewolf! We both know that you are no match against me! You are only a mere child!" The man bellowed in a deep voice. No response came. The man gave a sneer. Soon enough, the man closed the distance between them, the persuer was in a form of a human, but isn't; instead of hands, he had talons, his watering mouth full teeth similar to a shark's, his eye sockets were literally hollow, underneath his pale skin, outlines of black veins running through his whole body. 

The man pulled out a blade boomerang, aiming it at the boy's legs. The air was filled with the anguish cry and laugh of triumph. As the man approached the fallen one, he looked at him, steeping on his injured leg. The boy screamed in pain, filling the night air, sweat dribbled down hs face.  The man pulled the boomerang blade out of the boy's leg with ripping ease. Bits of flesh came away as the blade was pulled out. 

"You know, I ask the names of the people I kill" the man replied "So, your name I demand to know" But before the boy could answer, a cold autumn breeze came over both of them as a large midnight black wolf leapt towards  the man, biting off his leg. The wolf's brimming amber eyes narrowed at the man, growling deeply with ears flat, snarling deeply. 

"Sorry, Convel" the boy thought, looking at the wolf. The wolf looked back at the boy, its gaze softened. The grey pelts around the corner of his mouth curved up, giving an impression of a smile. 

"As long as you're alright, Konrad" the wolf thought back, the words dancing inside Konrad's mind. The man still screaming in aguish in the background, turning back, Convel  crouched down and sprinted towards the man, getting ready to bite, but then the man struck Convel with the boomerang blade with a savage smile, the corners of his mouth reaching his cheek-bones. 

As Convel was sent into the air, a shape flittered behind him, skidding into a halt as she catches the wolf. A girl with long brown twin tails held Convel in her arms; her topaz-brown eyes glistened in pure hatred. After placing the limp on the ground carefully, the girl turned to face the man. 

"You shouldn't have messed around with my brothers, Howl Chaser" the girl replied, looking back at the man. Suddenly she began to shimmer, disappearing for a moment, only to appear behind Howl Chaser, snatching the boomerang blade and holding it in front of his throat, Howl Chaser merely smirked. 

The autumn winds howling in despair. The boomerang blade dropped to the ground with clunk; blood trickling down onto it. The girl stood, wide-eyed; hands on her abdomen, blood spreading like wild fire; staining her white shirt with crimson liquid. 

Konrad sat in horror, paralyzed as he watched a man in a long over coat pull out the Xiphos out of his sister. 

"Sabelina!" Konrad exclaimed, limping over his sister. Holding her in his arms; he tried to slow down the bleeding. The man and Howl Chaser loomed over the siblings in amusement. Touching Sabelina's forehead with his forehead, he whispered unintelligible words. Suddenly a strong gust of wind surrounded the siblings; glowing in blue light, Konrad carefully placed Sabelina's limp body on the ground. Slowly standing up, Konrad began chanting unintelligibly. The winds began humming along with the chanting; they slowly heaved Sabelina into the air; letting her arms hung limply on the side. 

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